Achilles Slots

An Achilles heel is said to be a weak point, but this game doesn’t appear to have any such points we could target. It might be an older title, but there are some good reasons why players still flock to play it. Achilles is a delight, and it might just surprise you with what it can offer. Get ready for a bonzer slot review right here. You should read every section if you’re thinking about playing this slot game.

Which developer created the Achilles slot game?

This one is in the collection of games on offer from Realtime Gaming and can be found at all their casinos.

It’s got a demo version too

If you love nothing better than trying a slot game demo, you’re in good company here. Achilles does come with this fully featured version to check out.

A theme about a Trojan Horse

Achilles can be found in Greek mythology, so he didn’t actually exist. He fought in the Trojan War, which saw the Trojan Horse used as a trick to get inside Troy. That tells you about everything you need to know before you play this slot game.

Does it have a good design?

You should remember this game is a few years old now. That said, it looks sharp and you can see the walled city behind the reels. There are banners, the horse itself, the city, and Helen appearing on the reels too.

Let’s figure out the basics for the Achilles slot game

Five reels are shown once the game is ready to play. Achilles is the wild icon, delivering prizes on his own for two or more appearing on the reels. He can trigger the top prize worth 10,000 coins too. He substitutes for everything except for scatters, which appear as the city of Troy.

How many paylines are there?

The game offers 20 variable lines to bet on.

How much can you bet on this game?

If you’ve got a few cents to spare, check out the options. Starting at just one cent per line, you can use the up arrows to head north to a quarter per line if you like.

Help! Where’s the paytable?

Good question! We’ve given you the answer… it’s hidden behind the HELP option in the far bottom right corner. Hit help again from the tiny menu that appears to find it.

Bonus features in Achilles slots

There aren’t any. But don’t panic – we’ve got some other news for you.

There are two free spin features to trigger

How cool is that? Check out the first one by finding three or more instances of Achilles on the reels. Choose one of the triggering icons to reveal 15, 20, or 25 games to play. Whenever Troy appears, it is transformed into Helen or Achilles. You also score a 3x multiplier for all prizes. You can also trigger more freebies with the original trigger.

The second feature awards 10 free games for finding three or more Troy icons scattered around. The multiplier here is 2x. Finding three or more Troy or Achilles on the reels – and it can be a mix of the two – would earn you another 10 freebies.

RTP info for Achilles

This isn’t stated in the paytable or elsewhere in the game. However, we do learn that 1.5% of real wagers on the game go into the progressive jackpot fund.

Our rating for the Achilles slot game

Good on ya! That’s our message to the RTG team for coming up with this one. We love the two free spin rounds, so this game is getting 9 out of 10 from us.

There are prizes other than the jackpot for winners to go for

If you want some time searching for prizes in Achilles slots this arvo, there are lots to go for other than the jackpot.

Play for entertainment whenever you’re ready

And there is plenty of it to be found in this game, that’s for sure. You may even find you can play the demo at certain RTG casinos without needing to sign up for them.

Play the real version of Achilles whenever you want to

This does mean you’ll need an account, of course, but there are lots of other reasons to appreciate having an account at a good online RTG casino. Achilles is one of many.

Mobile possibilities

If you’d rather go online and play regardless of where you’re located, you can do just that with this slot game.