As with all top casinos, Uptown Pokies Casino offers a full range of support options for new and current players. There is a handy tool at the bottom of the lobby page that allows players to simply click on support to see the various options available.

There is also a blog on the site as well as a full description of what is meant by Bonus Terms, which can be a very handy resource for new players. As different bonuses do have requirements for wagers that have to be met before a payout can occur on the bonus.

Additionally, players can simply click on the live chat bubbles immediately above the log in and sign up on the lobby page. There is also a link to this on the support page, providing quick access to answers to your questions. Live help is available at the casino 24/7, 365.

Players may also contact Uptown Pokies Casino through a toll free or regular phone number, also on the website. For non-essential questions, email is often a good choice, just be sure to include your casino Username if questions are related to your account.