Random Number Generator

If you have visited at least one or two online casinos, you may well have read about a random number generator. This might also be referred to simply by the letters RNG. These are vital when using online casinos, as you want to be sure the outcome of each spin on a slot game or similar game is truly random.

How do RNGs work?

Think about rolling a die. You know the die will land on any one of the numbers from one to six. There is a one in six chance that one number will be revealed as the number to land face up. That occurs at random. A random number generator aims to replicate that randomness via a computer program. That means there would be a one in six chance of one of the same six numbers being picked by an RNG.

Make sure your chosen casino uses a trusted RNG

If you are playing online, you want to be sure the casino you choose is trustworthy. There are several ways you can learn about how honest a casino is in this way. However, researching how they ensure the results of each spin or wager are random are vitally important. The idea is that the online game should be just as fair as if you were playing it in a casino.

Does a random number generator work for all online games?

Yes, it works beautifully for slots, roulette, craps, blackjack… you name it, the RNG is designed to ensure you get an accurate and reflective result. They also work continually, so even if you stop playing for a while, the RNG keeps on rolling.

Make sure that whatever gaming commission is in force for casinos in your country is backing the online casino you are thinking of using. If a casino is going to be approved by the relevant commission, they must prove they have RNG software in place. The software would also need to be checked on a regular basis, ensuring the utmost in fairness for all players.

You could say an RNG is the powerhouse behind every online casino. Without one, we could never trust the outcome. If we use reputable casinos we can trust, with reliable RNGs in action, we know there are still games of chance to play, but that those games are checked and are confirmed to be fair.