Return to Player (RTP)

Have you heard the term return to player? If you have played even the occasional casino game, you will probably have encountered the letters RTP at some point. They are always followed by a percentage. That’s what we are going to find out more about here.

How does RTP work?

Let’s say a game takes in $100 in bets. If the RTP for that game is given as 98.72%, it means $98.72 out of every $100 will be returned to the players taking part in the game by placing real cash bets on it.

Why is the RTP of a game important?

It’s important because it enables you to choose a game that returns as much as possible. It does not mean you will receive $98.72 back for every $100 you wager on it. Those figures will be in place for the lifetime of the game. As such, you may spend your budget on the game and receive nothing in return. Conversely, you might be fortunate enough to walk away with more than you wagered on it. The game will pay out both large and small prizes, and these are all accounted for inside the RTP value given to that game.

Is it worth choosing a game with the highest RTP you can find?

Yes – we would always recommend you do this. There are various other aspects you should consider as well, but a high RTP does mean more cash goes back to the people playing the game. You cannot be sure you will receive more cash than you wager on it, but at least you know the game does have a good overall return.

Always view the RTP value as just one element to look at

While choosing a good RTP value is important, you should also think about whether you like a game enough to play it. You want to enjoy a good time playing any game, from slots to table games, so it makes sense to see whether it has everything you look for in a casino game. Some card games have higher RTPs than slots, but there are plenty of slots that reach beyond 97% or 98% in the return to player area. By researching the various things a game can offer – RTP included – you can find the game you will most want to play whenever you visit an online casino.