Aladdin's Wishes Slots

We’ve all heard the story about the magic lamp and the genie trapped within. Rub the lamp, release the genie, and you might just receive some wishes for your trouble. Make sure you make the most of them, otherwise you could end up getting into trouble.

That’s the premise of this slot game, too, the famous Aladdin story. Here, it is replicated as part of the Aladdin’s Wishes slot game, so does it bear up to scrutiny? Let’s find out.

Developer details for this slot game

There is one name you need to know here – Realtime Gaming. It could be termed a classic, but not in the sense of having three reels. More info coming…

Don’t miss the demo

This is a great way to figure out how to play, and whether you’d like to part with some of your gaming budget if you played it for real. Demo credits are provided for your convenience.

You won’t win a prize for figuring out the theme

The title kinda gives it away, right?

Does it have a good design?

Yes, although the background is quite basic and there are no 3D graphics to cheer things along. The reels are chock a block with relevant symbols though, so there’s plenty to look for.

Learning how to play Aladdin’s Wishes slots

They’ve gone for a 5 x 3 format in this game, offering five reels to spin with each go. There is a random jackpot up for grabs if you’re playing with real wagers.

Meanwhile, the reels themselves might feature Aladdin. You’ll hope they do because he is the wild symbol. If you get a prize featuring his face, you’ll get double the usual amount. He doesn’t appear everywhere though – only on reels two, three, and four.

He replaces most things, but the exception is the magic lamp. You might guess this is the scatter. You only need two of these to score a prize, but the more you find the more you’d receive.

Paylines used in Aladdin’s Wishes

Are you ready to play on 20 lines? That’s the maximum amount here, and we recommend playing the lot if you don’t want to miss any prizes.

Play one coin per line

Each coin should be worth from one cent to 10 cents at most. That keeps the total bet amount nice and low throughout.

Read more about the game in the paytable

Located at the bottom of the screen, it’s hidden behind the HELP message. That’s tiny, so you might need glasses to find it!

Bonus chances are zero

This is defo a great game, but it doesn’t offer any bonuses, sadly.

What about free game opportunities?

You’ll get those, for sure, but you need to find at least three magic lamps to get there. Even then, you need to do something else before the games begin. Five magic lamps are shown, and you get the same number of picks relating to the number of lamps that triggered the feature. So, if you get five lamps, all the lamps you see can be chosen.

Four lamps contain prizes worth between 2x and 100x apiece. The fifth offers 25 free games. So, you might get three cash prizes to take away and no free games, or you could get some games and cash prizes as well. The free games, if you get them, carry a 2x boost for everything won. They’re able to be triggered again, too.

Do we know what the RTP is?

It looks like it is lower than you’d imagine, with 93% coming up in our research. The jackpot takes 1.5% of all real bets made into the game.

Our rating for Aladdin’s Wishes slots

We can’t rank this lower than 8 out of 10. It’s a nice slot with plenty to offer, and we like the free spin/cash prize feature. We guess that’s a bonus, but whichever way you look at it, the game has a lot to offer.

Winners are looking for that progressive prize

The odds are long that you’ll ever get it, but some people have managed it over the years. Who knows who might be next?

Are you playing for practice purposes only?

This is a good way to see if you defo like this game. Don’t risk your budget until you know what you think of it.

Play for real when you’re a member of an RTG casino

And there are some cool ones to consider, right?

Try the mobile version of Aladdin’s Wishes today

If you’d rather catch up with Aladdin on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device, you can do just that. Relax at the barbie and play whenever you wish!