Bulls and Bears Slots

With Bulls and Bears making for a good title, you might expect to find lots of animals on the reels of this game. Would you be surprised to see gold bars and stacks of cash instead?

Bulls and bears are terms given to the market in economic terms. A bull market describes a positive scenario where things are on the up. A bear market isn’t good, as the economy is declining. This makes sense of the title, so you can now play on and see what this game holds in store.

Developer information for the Bulls and Bears slot game

This game was created by Realtime Gaming, although it is a few years old now.

The demo reveals more about the theme

It gives you a chance to play with a demo balance rather than your own cash, too. You can get a feel for things without any risk.

So, this has a stock market theme

This is borne out by the appearance of the stock exchange building just above the reel set. The theme is further supported by various icons during the game, including the spoils of those who do well, such as fast cars and speedboats.

The design supports the theme nicely

Stock certificates, a tycoon with a cigar, happily reading the news… it’s all there. And yes, you will get to see the two animals mentioned in the title soon as well.

Allow us to reveal the main icons to look for in Bulls and Bears slots

Firstly, there are five reels and two jackpots to be won. These are shown above those reels, with a minor and a major prize gradually increasing in size.

The bull and the bear appear on their own icons, and they’re both wilds. The bull only appears on the second reel. Meanwhile, the bear can only appear on the fourth reel. Both carry a standard 2x multiplier, but if you manage to get a prize including both those icons, the amount is increased by 4x instead. Even better, the wilds can replace everything else – including the scatter symbol. That is shown as a stock chart with a red line gradually going up towards the end.

How many paylines can you play on?

There are 25 in the game. These can be adjusted if you wish.

Bets can be adjusted too

The bet per line is shown in type just above the final two reels of the game. Coin values go from one cent to one dollar each.

Select help to view the paytable

You should find you need to select another help option before it appears. However, when it does, all the pages are displayed for you to see one after the other.

Does Bulls and Bears include a bonus feature?

Not as such, but the game does include the RTG Feature Guarantee option. This is a way to unlock the free games within a specific quantity of spins. This quantity changes depending on how much you are going to wager on a spin. It gives you the option to play for it whenever you wish too, and the screen tells you what the percentage chance is of doing so.

How to unlock the free games

The first thing to do is to find three, four, or five charts scattered in any combination of positions over the five reels. These would bring you a starting quantity of five, seven, or 15 free games.

You can then choose whether to opt for Buy or Sell free games. The Buy option would give you one additional free spin whenever the Bull turns up in a spin. It doesn’t need to be a winning spin, either. If you select the Sell option, you will earn another free game whenever the Bear appears in a spin. Whichever option you select, the prizes won will always be tripled in value. There are no charts in these games, so they cannot be retriggered until you are back in the base game.

An unknown RTP

You might realize that RTG is never good at releasing the return to player percentages for their games. Many other sources believe the usual value is somewhere around 95%, but this can vary between slots.

How well does Bulls and Bears do in our rating system?

This is a good slot to play, with two wilds and two versions of the free spin feature. Throw in that Feature Guarantee too and it is hard to rate this lower than 9/10.

How often does a player scoop a progressive jackpot?

It’s hard to say. The smaller one can easily be in the hundreds of dollars, whereas the larger one goes into the thousands. This slot doesn’t tend to have a big jackpot in either case though, so it must be won relatively often, don’t you think?

Get started by loading the demo pokie to try

This pokie or slot game should be available via your favorite Aussie-focused online casino. Loading the demo gives you the chance to see how and where those wilds can land, too.

Would you swap over to play the real version?

Doing this would allow you to try and get some real cash prizes. Of course, you might also have spins that do not result in this outcome. Never play for real unless you have a budget in place that you’re happy to play with and lose, if that is what might happen.

Bulls and Bears should be available on mobile too

That would be cool to know about, especially as more players are playing these games on Android and iOS nowadays. Maybe you could join them.