Enchanted Garden II Slots

Enchanted Garden II Slots
Enchanted Garden II is an online slot game themed after the forest, fairies and fairy tales that all talk about how magical forests are. In this sequel slot game you’ll encounter many of the same symbols you encountered in the first title, including gnomes, fairies, gardens and more. The only difference is that in this slot game you have bigger and better prizes to play for and even more to look forward to. We’re not saying that this slot is worth playing, but it’s a decent game with some good stuff to offer and we recommend it to players that enjoyed the first in the series and to others that just want to test out some new slots. Take a look through our review below and you’ll learn a lot about this slot game.

Minor Wagering Limits

If you decide to play Enchanted Garden II you won’t have a huge range to work with when it comes to the wager amount you place down. At the low end you can wager as little as $0.01, which is great for gamblers that don’t want to wager much when they play. It’s the high end that’s a bit disappointing. The top wager that you can place is just $0.25 per line or $6.25 with all 25 line wagers in place. That’s not a whole lot and certainly not an amount that will excite any high rollers. It is a reasonable amount though, and many gamblers will be more than happy with that amount to work with, so it depends on what sort of player you are whether or not the range is good or not.

The Fairy Princess Wild

The fairy princess is the wild in this slot game and shows up on reels 2 through 5. Whenever she is around she will take the place of all but scatter symbols. This wild will also double any prizes that she helps to create, giving you a very good reason to want to use that wild to complete prize payouts as frequently as possible. Get enough of the princess symbols and you’re sure to get a good solid prize payout in the process.

Solid Prize Opportunities

During the standard rounds of this slot game you can get up to 5,000 coins in a single prize payout with some help from the 2x Fairy Queen wild. You can also get even bigger payouts during the special bonus games of this slot. When you get into a bonus round you’ll enjoy a 3x multiplier on every win that you achieve. That means you can win as much as 15,000 for the best symbol combination, which is a pretty impressive amount of cash no matter what wager you have laid down at the time.

Triggering the Bonus Rounds

Unlike other slot games where you need several of the same symbol, usually scatters, to unlock the special bonus round, you need a combination of symbols to do that in Enchanted Garden II. You need to get the Fairy Princess symbol on the last reel and the Garden symbol on the first reel. Do that and you’ll unlock one of two different bonus rounds, giving yourself even better chances of winning big.

Firefly Free Spins

The first of the two features you can trigger is known as the Firefly feature. In this round you start off with 7 free spins and every win that you get is tripled in size. Some symbols have little fireflies on them during your free spins. Get three fireflies at the same time and you’ll unlock an additional three free spins to keep the fun going for longer.

Fairy Queen Free Spins

The other bonus round that you can trigger is the Fairy Queen bonus round. In this round you get 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier once again. The only difference is that there are additional wild symbols on the reels during this bonus game. You still have the fireflies to look out for and getting three or more of them at once will give you 3 additional free spins.

Enchanted Garden 2 stands out as a lot game because of all the different features it has to offer and because it’s just a lot of fun to play around with. You could win up to 15,000 coins in a single spin while playing this game, and there are two different bonus rounds, helping to keep things fresh and new every single time that you play the slot game.