Witch's Brew Slots

Take a look at all the different creepy crawly fun symbols that are related to Halloween in Witch’s Brew. This slot game features candles, slime, eyeballs, frogs, cats, a mortar and pestle, a cauldron and everything else that you need to make a good mystery brew. These symbols come together and create a spooky atmosphere that any Halloween fan would love. Other than the look of the slot, there are some good features that are included in the game as well. We started testing the slot due to its looks and stayed for the features. Take a look through our in-depth review of the slot to find out what you can expect from this gambling experience, you will likely be impressed by all that it has to offer and what you can gain from playing this slot.

Choosing Your Starting Wager

Selecting a wager value to start with is so important when playing a slot game like Witch’s Brew. That’s because it determines what sort of prizes you can win as you play the game, it also determines how much money you’ll be risking with every single spin that you complete. The lowest you can wager is $0.25 since all 25 of the paylines are fixed in place. The maximum wager that you can place is $250.00 per spin, which is a very respectable maximum limit. In between those extremes you should be able to find a wager amount you are happy with, and it’s at that level that you’ll enjoy your time with the slot game the most.

Multiple Wild Symbols

There are two different wilds that you can use to trigger additional cash prizes while you play Witch’s Brew. The first is the Dragon Fang and the second is the Witch. Both wilds appear on the middle three reels, but the Witch is the more valuable of the two. The Dragon Fang serves as a standard wild and will take the place of all but the scatter and the Witch symbol. The Witch is a 2x multiplier wild and will take the place of all but the scatter symbol, and will reward you with twice as much in prize money if you get a winning combination of symbols as you play the slot.

Decent Game Payouts

Witch’s Brew isn’t the type of slot game that’s going to make you rich in a single spin, the jackpot payouts just aren’t large enough. It does offer some decent payouts though and you can bring in decent cash while playing the slot. The biggest standard payout is the root symbol and it’s worth 2,500 coins if you can get five of them on the same payline. Throw in a rich wild into that combination and you can double the value to a whopping 5,000 coins, which is worth as much as $50,000 with a top wager set in place while you are playing. The next best is the wizard symbol that’s worth up to 2,000 coins or a max of $20,000 with help from the witch, and the black cat symbol is worth 500 coins on its own or 1,000 coins with the witch symbol. All these prizes are decent, but they aren’t enough to make the game exciting on its own. That’s what the bonus round is for.

The Wild Brew Feature

The Wild Brew feature is a special that only triggers when you get three of the same wild on the central reels at the same time. Do that and those reels are locked into position with the wilds in place and you get a total of 10 re-spins. During those re-spins you’ll have excellent odds of getting at least a few solid wins from the slot game. There is no way to trigger this bonus feature again as you play, so hope for the best on the initial free spins.

Switch up the Speed and Set Autoplay

Witch’s Brew is a feature-rich slot that comes with speed and Auto Play tools you can use to adjust how the game works a bit more. Press the speed button to set the speed between 1 and 3. 1 is the slowest and 3 is the fastest and these settings dramatically change how fast or slow the reel spins go as you play this slot. Other than the basic speed feature there is also an Auto Play feature that you can make use of.

To use this feature press the Auto Play button. Once you do that you’ll be taken to a menu where you can choose how many automatic spins you want to go through and what sort of conditions apply to those spins. With the settings you can choose to stop the auto spins after a certain amount is won or lost or after certain features of the slot game are activated. It gives you good control without having to sit in front of the game the whole time it operates.

Witch’s Brew isn’t the first Halloween-themed slot, or even the best available to play today, but it has a lot to offer. We like that there are two wilds and one of them will double your wins. We also really enjoy the re-spin bonus that gives you three wilds at the center of the slot for 10 free spins. The game is a good blend of features and the symbols it uses makes it a lot of fun for the holidays as well.