Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

If you've ever played Bubble Bubble, a well-known classic Halloween slot game, you already have an idea of what to expect from the sequel Bubble Bubble 2. This new slot brings many of the beloved features from the first game and builds on them to make them bigger and better. There's an additional witch in this slot, and plenty of other reasons to be excited about trying it out. Give our full review a readthrough, or just try this slot game for yourself and see what all the hype is about. It's a lot of fun and it could make Halloween into your favorite time of the year!

Bigger and Better Wagers

This slot has 50 fixed paylines like the first did, but you can wager even more in this slot. The minimum wagre amount is a decent $0.50 that most low-stakes players should be okay with. At the other end, you can now wager as much as $500 per spin with this slot game. That's a huge maximum wager and more than you'll find with most other online slot games. If you have a lot of money to burn, you can go for massive prize payouts with this slot by betting the maximum as you play.

3x Wilds

There are two different witches in this slot game, Wanda and Winni, and both witches are equally attractive and lucrative. These witches can show themselves during any spin, and when they do they will serve as a 3x multiplier on prizes they help create. Not only that, but they can also work as 9x multipliers if you get both of them out on the reels at the same time. The 1,000 coin bat symbol doesn't seem that exciting during normal circumstances, but when you consider the wild symbols can transform the meager payout into a 3,000 coin or 9,000 coin payout, things get a lot more exciting with the wilds involved! The wild witches will even help multiply your scatter wins to help you get the best possible payouts possible.

Scatters and Bonuses

Getting three scattered wand symbols is all it takes to trigger one of three exciting bonus rounds. Once you've gotten three scatters you have to choose one of the wands to reveal the bonus game that you're playing. There's wilder Witches, Greater Ghosts or the Ultra Bewitched feature to unlock in this bonus game.

Greater Ghosts is the first feature and it gives you a total of 20 free spins and the chance to get up to 9 wild ghosts on the reels at any time. These wilds will show up on the reels after a scatter win is paid, so they come out frequently.

Wilder Witches is the next bonus and has a chance to feature both of the attractive witch characters. In this feature you start with 9 free spins. During those spins any time that a witch wild appears and takes up her reel she will cast a spell and transform another reel into wilds as well. If both witches show up at the same time they can transform the middle reel into a wild as well for huge prize potential, and/or give you 33 additional free spins to enjoy in this feature. If you get the additional 33 free spins you can come away with massive prize payouts from this bonus feature! This feature also comes with a win-win bonus that will trigger if you get less than 10x your total bet amount from the bonus round. You'll be paid out even more cash to make the game more worthwhile and could win up to 100x your total wager amount from this feature if you unlock no prizes during the bonus.

Finally, there is the Ultra Bewitched feature. This features gives you 7 free games where one or both of the wild witch symbols will be out on the reels on any given spin. Of course you're in for some excellent prize payouts during these rounds.

AutoPlay and Speed Selector

This modern-day slot game comes with both AutoPlay and speed adjustment features, giving you increased control over how the slot works. If you want to increase or decrease the pace of the game as you play you can swap from between one of three different speed settings. Turn it to the fastest, the slowest or stick with the normal speed to adjust how the game feels to play.

You also have the ability to set the game to play itself with Autoplay. This special feature is selectable with the Autoplay button, and will let you set the number of spins and a series of different conditions that control how the game plays when you aren't pressing the spin button yourself. Change all these settings to levels that you are comfortable with and the Autoplay feature will work perfectly for what you need it to do.

Bubble Bubble 2 is a slot game worth playing at least once in your life, and it's one of the few slots that we recommend to absolutely everyone. It doesn't matter who you are, you will likely enjoy something about the slot.