Naughty or Nice III Slots

One of our all-time favorite holiday games is back at it again with Naughty or Nice III. We would be lying if we said we weren't excited about the game, but we haven't played around with it just yet. We committed to putting together a full review of this slot game the moment we heard it was coming out, and now that it's here it's time to decide whether or not this slot game is worth a playthrough. We'll uncover all the special features, have a look at the graphics and determine if this is a holiday treat or a game that you should skip over in favor of other options available.

Limited Wagering Options

This slot comes with 30 fixed paylines, which means you can't turn up or down the number of lines you wager on to adjust how much you're betting overall. This isn't a big deal, but it does take away a great deal of your control over how much you wager while playing. Coin values for each of the different lines is limited to between $0.01 and $0.25 per line as well. That means your wager amounts are locked to between $0.01 and $7.50 per spin. That's not much flexibility and many gamblers won't be happy with those options either.

Limited payouts

This slot doesn't focus on massive prize payouts to keep players interested. Instead it focuses on more frequent and smaller prize payouts. You'll get wins regularly while playing the game, but they'll be limited to 500x your line wager, which is pretty small by modern day standards. If you like big wins, this is a disappointing slot. If you like frequent wins, this slot has some serious potential.

Choose Your Girl

One feature that remains in this slot game, and a feature that we really enjoy is the choose your girl feature. When you get started you'll be tasked with choosing the Naughty Girl or the Nice Girl and your choice affects the way that the bonus round plays. If you go with the Naughty Girl she will either count for scatter symbols or she will cover Reel 1 during the bonus game. If you choose the Nice Girl she will either cover all of reel 5 or she will cover reels 4 and 5 during the bonus game. Either way you'll have a good chance of winning some nice bonus payouts from these two women.

Fun and Sexy Graphics

Naughty or Nice III is a slot that's all about fun and sex appeal with a bit of holiday themed symbols thrown in as well. You'll get to see both the naughty and nice girls frequently as you play through your spins, and they show up in many different poses. There are also several other characters, such as an adorable dog, Santa on the beach with his big belly hanging out and an angry misses clause. Overall the slot looks really nice, and we enjoyed playing it more for this reason, but that wasn't the only reason that we liked the game and we would probably still play the game without the sex appeal.

Naughty or Nice Bonus Game

Getting three or more of the scatter symbols while you play this slot will land you in the special free spin bonus round. Once there you will have 7 free spins as well as the bonus that you chose to help you win even more cash. Either the Naughty Girl or Nice Girl bonus will be added to the game during your free spins so you will have additional wilds to watch for as your free spins go. This should result in some good wins or you, or at the very least will increase your odds by a fair margin. Along with triggering because of getting three scatters, this bonus game can trigger because of the lucky feature as well. At the end of any spin you can trigger the special bonus round if you are lucky enough, which means that the bonus feature is more likely than you might think.

Switch Turbo Play on and Off

There's a built-in Turbo Play feature that's hidden within the Autoplay menu. Even if you don't want the game to go through spins automatically so that you can sit back and relax, you can adjust the speed of your spins using the Turbo check box in the Autoplay menu. It starts on Turbo play by default, which makes spins nearly instant. If you want to slow them down some, you are free to do so. Just pop open that Autoplay menu and uncheck Turbo Play. Once you do that the reels will turn at a much more leisurely pace from then on.

Instant Play or Download

This slot game has been optimized to work on a download platform as well as by instant play. That means you can play it any way that you like. You can even play the slot on a mobile device without downloading an app if you like, or you can download an app to play. This slot is available just about everywhere and it's as simple as possible to play, which makes it even more accessible for players that want to give it a try.

There's a Progressive Jackpot Too!

Along with all the other bonuses and special features, Naughty or Nice III also has a progressive jackpot that you can trigger as you spin. This jackpot will trigger at random and there's no real way of telling when it's going to go off. So, with each spin you have a small chance of triggering the special bonus game at random, or a progressive jackpot win.

Naughty or Nice III is more of the same sexy fun that the other holiday-themed slots have to offer. It offers payouts frequently enough to give you real hope of winning big. The game rewards players with frequent bonus features and offers real prize potential as well as long as you don't mind getting many smaller prizes rather than few large ones.