Pig Winner Slots

Pig Winner Slots
We think it might, because that is an odd yet intriguing title. You would guess there is a pig involved in this one, but will you find anything else here to suggest another theme?

If we reveal the game was one of the first ones released in 2019, that might lead you to guess we are celebrating the Year of the Pig. You can expect to find out way more about this theme and the opportunities it brings you by reading our review of the game below.

Who came up with the Pig Winner slot game?

A quick look through the information we have on this game reveals that RTG is the creator of the title. You will spot many entertaining slots in their back catalog, and we have yet another one to throw into the mix here. Real Time Gaming knows how to entertain us.

Does the Pig Winner slot come with a demo?

It does. Just be sure you opt for the demo or practice version when accessing the game in your favorite online RTG casino to give it a try. It means you can see how everything works before deciding whether this is the ideal game for you to play.

Can you guess the theme used in this game?

Since we already mentioned the Year of the Pig, it is obvious we are referring to the Chinese New Year. Most years bring with them a few slot game releases that relate to the animal of that year. So, for 2019, we have the Year of the Pig and therefore the new Pig Winner slot from RTG to check out.

Details about the game design

The golden background has a circular element to it. While there is not much detail here, the bright gold effect is beautifully set against the contrasting colors on the reels of this game. You can probably guess what the icons of the game look like. You will spot various other animals representing other years in the Chinese calendar. They are all nicely drawn with lots of colors included to set them apart from each other.

Facts about the Pig Winner slot that are useful to know

The pig is included of course, and it takes on a vital role as the wild icon. The scatter is a yin yang symbol in the traditional black and white. These are easy to see as they spin into view… something we hope happens a lot as we check out the game.

We have five reels in play in Pig Winner, with three symbols cropping up on each one. It takes just a moment to realize there are no progressive prizes to be won in this game.

How many paylines should you expect to see?

There are none included in this slot. The creator has gone for the popular 243 ways to win instead.

Place your bets!

You will see the current spin bet shown on the left of the screen underneath the reels. Two green buttons are provided, showing a plus and a minus symbol respectively, to indicate how you can change the amount shown. The starting amount is 30 cents on each spin, which will cover all 243 ways.

Where is the Pig Winner paytable located?

Look out for the stack of coins appearing next to the green spin button. If you want to view the paytable, that is the icon to select to see it. It will reveal what the prizes are for each winning combination appearing on the reels.

Does this game include any bonus features?

No, the game does have a feature to watch out for, but it does not count as a bonus feature. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect.

Can you try and snag any free spins?

Yes, if you manage to spin three scattered yin yang symbols onto the reels in one spin of the Pig Winner game, you can play your way through eight free games. Eight doesn’t sound too generous, but you should remember this is believed to be a lucky number in China. Furthermore, those games do have a couple of tweaks that make them more interesting.

Firstly, you are informed the games will come with more wilds and scatters than would usually be the case. This is great news as you already have a chance to retrigger the games with three more scatters in a spin. This can be done twice at most. Of course, more wilds mean more chances to score more prizes too, so that is a double whammy for you!

What is the RTP for this game?

Not all sources reveal this information, but we have learned the RTP is above 96% for Pig Winner. Not bad at all.

Our rating for Pig Winner slots

We always prefer to see a slot game that features a bonus or two. We’re greedy like that. However, we like the twist given to the free games you can get in this game. It’s great to get more wilds and scatters in that feature, and this increases the odds of triggering one or two further sets of spins too.

Has anyone managed to net any big prizes playing this game?

We haven’t heard of anyone doing this, but the game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot that would be more likely to hit the headlines.

Should you play with demo credits first?

We would recommend it. This is the easiest way to figure out if a game has enough appeal for you to switch to playing the real version.

Do lots of people try Pig Winner with real bets?

Yes, they do, but you should make up your own mind about its features and appeal. Will you make the switch? Once you have tried the demo, you will know whether you like it enough to start playing the real version of Pig Winner.

Does Pig Winner have a mobile version to try?

Yes, since this is a modern and recent release, we can expect to gain access to it on smartphones and tablets. Android and iOS devices are good for this, but other modern devices should also work. Just visit your favorite RTG casino and look out for Pig Winner today.