Fire Dragon Slots

If the creator of this game was going for a dramatic title, they sure did manage to tick that box. Fire Dragon brings a hint of drama, perhaps of fantasy, and the promise of both fire and dragons showing up. Yet we know some titles can be a little misleading, so will this one be revealed to be one of those?

We hope not, but if we tell you Jackie Chan is featured in this game – he pops up in the opening image – you might guess this slot is one of a series. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Fire Dragon slot.

Who came up with the idea for the Fire Dragon slot game?

Have you heard of Eagle Shadow Fist? What about another slot game called Fantasy Mission Force? Both these slots were released by Real Time Gaming (RTG), and Fire Dragon is the next in the series. All three feature Jackie Chan to some extent.

Does this slot have a demo version?

It does, and this provides you with the perfect way to discover all the features and elements rolled into this game. It is the best way to see if you like it enough to allocate some of your slot game budget to playing it. It comes with demo credits loaded into it, so you need only choose a wager you are happy with. All demo credits ‘won’ are returned to the game.

Theme information for Fire Dragon

We have a martial arts theme to contend with here, just as you thought we would have. Ninjas have appeared in a few games prior to this one, but we love the way they pop up in Fire Dragon. If you manage to trigger the right combination (more about this in a moment), you will see a short scene that reveals some ninjas getting ready to attack. We will reveal what happens next soon as well.

Game design details

You may not have expected to see mountains soaring into the sky in the background to this game, but that is exactly what you get. A car occasionally appears too, traveling along the dusty road towards you. The reels of the game appear in a shack.

While this design is nice, it is transformed into a temple or similar building when the free games begin. The change in background is appealing and gives some variety to the slot.

How much do we know about the Fire Dragon slot game?

We know this one comes with five reels. It also comes complete with a progressive jackpot, so that is great news for players who stick with games offering such a progressive prize. From what we have read about the jackpot, it is connected to the progressive pot that is displayed in Eagle Shadow Fist and Fantasy Mission Force too. That means if someone playing one of the three slots triggers that jackpot, the amount shown for all three slots will return to a low level again. It also means the jackpot is likely to climb quite quickly. A small sliver from each real bet is contributed to the pot, and with three qualifying games involved, the amount can climb higher in a shorter time.

The Fire Dragon slot puts Jackie Chan to work as the substitute symbol. You will also see a white mask appearing in some positions on the reels. This is used as the scatter and it is the mask worn by those ninjas.

How many paylines are there?

The game comes with 20 paylines, and you have the chance to select how many you wish to cover with your wagers. We always recommend trying to cover all the lines if you can, even if you need a lower bet to do so. It means you won’t be left in a position whereby you might miss out on a prize appearing on a line you didn’t bet on.

Wagering information

You can only bet one coin on each of the 20 available lines. Simply choose from the available coin values and multiply your selection by the number of lines played.

Where is the paytable and how useful is it?

The paytable is accessed from the main game page. You can select this and read through the rules and prizes in the game. We suggest you do this prior to trying it out, even in demo mode. It will help you understand more about the game.

Does this slot have one or more bonus features to look for?

No, Fire Dragon does not include any type of bonus.

What about free spin opportunities?

You do get the chance to net some of these – 10 free games are available to play whenever you find three of those scattered ninja masks in one spin of the base game. This is when you get to see that cut scene with the ninjas in it. This plays out before your games begin. If you have seen Fire Dragon, you might recognize the scene.

There is no need to have watched it to enjoy the free games though. You will play your games and hopefully manage to find a further three masks in a spin too. Should this occur, you will end up playing another 10 games, which are added to the remaining total.

Game RTP details (return to player)

No information is currently available regarding the return to player percentage for this slot game.

Our rating for Fire Dragon

As the third entry in a popular RTG series of games, we suspect this one will do very well. It is a superb game and will win over fans of Jackie Chan, for sure. We rate this as a 7 out of 10 title – we would have ranked it higher if it had a separate bonus feature.

Are there any jackpot winners for the Fire Dragon slot?

We haven’t heard of any, but with that linked progressive jackpot in action, it can surely only be a matter of time before we do.

Will you play with practice credits first?

We think this is a great idea, as you can play the game as if it were the real version. The only thing it won’t have is access to any prizes, but that is not an issue. You can still see how everything pans out when you give it a shot.

How many players decide to switch to real money play?

We suspect lots of people will like what they see when they try Fire Dragon slots. If you like martial arts slot games, this one would make a good addition to your collection.

Fire Dragon can also be played on mobile devices

Android and iOS users will be delighted to hear Fire Dragon can be enjoyed on all those devices. Many other smartphones and tablets are also good for accessing your favorite casino to play Fire Dragon whenever you are in the mood.