Burnley Fever Slots

Okay, so… what is the Burnley Fever? Is there a lot to be aware of here? Are you playing a slot based on an illness? Well, no, of course not. If you live in the UK, Burnley will mean something to you, as it is a location that has a football team. If that sounds interesting, read on, as we have all the facts to share about this game.

Developer details for the Burnley Fever slot game

We can confirm that this game was created by RTG. They are also formally known as Realtime Gaming.

It comes with a demo version too

If you aren’t sure whether this is the right game for you, don’t worry – try the practice option to see what you think, while using the demo credits that come with it.

The theme isn’t too hard to figure out

We mentioned that Burnley is a location that has its own football team, so that has revealed the theme up front. This is best for fans of the team, but anyone who loves football should find some appeal here.

How does it fare in the design stakes?

This is a dramatic game, set inside a football stadium and offering plenty of relevant symbols to spin into view. There is a lot of detail here, and that is something we always like to spot when we find a new game to play.

How to play this slot game: What should you expect?

The game uses five reels to get the action started. However, instead of three icons per reel you get four in this case. There are two progressive jackpot prizes to be won as well.

A football was always going to appear somewhere, and it is used here as a wild symbol. It appears in stacks, but it is confined to reels one and five. Meanwhile, the mascot for Burnley is used as the scatter symbol. This is the only symbol in the game that cannot be substituted by that wild football. One more thing – the wild ball carries a 2x multiplier.

How many paylines are there?

Would you be surprised to see 50? This is where the larger 5 x 4 format comes into play. They are fixed, however, so you must be sure your budget can stand covering a 50-line game on each spin.

How many coins can you choose from when placing your wagers?

The smallest coin is worth a penny, meaning you’ll need to wager at least 50 cents on each spin. There are other values too, with the largest maxing out at $2.50.

Paytable details for Burnley Fever slots

We suggest reading through the various pages in the paytable prior to doing anything else. There is a lot to get through, and even if you start with the demo, you might find there are some rules you are unfamiliar with unless you check out the paytable.

Bonus elements in Burnley Fever

Watch for a bonus ball on the reels. You need to find five – one per reel – to trigger the bonus. If you were hoping for some penalty kicks, you are going to be pleased with the outcome.

The potential to score a prize here is good – the minimum prize is 3x your triggering bet, but you could receive up to 100x. See how good you are while you play the round and watch for a golden ball to show up. This would trigger another penalty kick to play. Not just any kick, though – this one could triple the outcome you would have won without seeing that golden ball.

Free spins can be won in two modes

When you play the game, you can choose between BURNLEY and LUCKY modes to play in. You can swap between them too. The free game feature changes depending on the mode you are in.

BURNLEY mode means you can net up to 100 free spins. A minimum of three scatters are required to trigger the games, and the more you find, the more games could be won. Everything found in prizes during those games would be worth triple the usual amount.

LUCKY mode gives you a random chance to score eight free games. This can happen at any time, hence the random part of the deal. However, while these can occur after any spin, you don’t receive a multiplier on any of the prizes in those spins.

RTP is unknown

RTG doesn’t usually release this information, so it may not surprise you to learn that we do not have it here.

Our rating for the Burnley Fever slot game

It’s nice to have two modes to choose from, as you can decide what your free spin feature could look like. The bonus is good too, so we couldn’t score the game less than 9/10. What do you think?

Progressive jackpot winners are likely to walk away with the most

This would be cool to get, but we know the odds are long on doing this. Maybe we can hope to get some good prizes from the standard game, anyway.

Play for demo purposes to try the different modes first

This is a good idea, as you can test the two modes and see whether you can trigger the bonus to see how it works. Even if you’re not keen on football, this game has plenty to offer.

Play for real at all good RTG casinos

This game isn’t as widely available as many of those in the RTG collection, but plenty of those casinos do carry it. If you do want to play for real, sign up to one and make a deposit first.

Mobile gaming is also possible

From Android to iOS with iPads and iPhones, you can try this slot game on any device you wish.