Bao Ni 8 Slots

Bao Ni 8 is a title that rolls off the tongue. The translation is murky, although ni bao means to withhold, so we hope that doesn’t mean this slot is going to keep back any potential entertainment or prizes. We guess we’ll find out.

It doesn’t hold back on detail or color, as you’ll soon see. However, we have gone into far more detail than that, so here is our in-depth review for the Bao Ni 8 slot game, so you can see what’s in store.

Who came up with the idea for this one?

The game was released by Realtime Gaming, an outfit with lots of impressive slot games on offer already. So, will this one join the best of them?

Does it offer a demo version you can try first?

Yes, you would probably expect this from an RTG slot game, so you won’t be disappointed here. It’s a good game and one that is good to experiment with in this way before considering the paid version.

Theme elements in action in Bao Ni 8

The title reveals an Oriental theme, and the reel set does back that up. The background is presented in deep purple with no detail, so this isn’t the one for you if you like just as much detail there as anywhere else.

Is the design let down by the absence of a background?

A little, at least if you like that sort of thing. However, most of the icons are detailed, with many resplendent in gold. We’d take a mark off for the formulaic A, K, and Q letters, but even those are in an Oriental style with bright colors involved. So, it’s still eye-catching.

Discovering some of the features in store for you in Bao Ni 8 slots

Right, let’s get down to the crucial elements in this game. It does have five reels, and these are presented with three symbols per reel. The game doesn’t have any progressive prizes to go for, so only those prizes mentioned on the paytable are up for grabs.

The wild symbol is shown as 888, which is supposed to bring good fortune, so let’s hope it does that for you. The only thing this won’t substitute for is the scattered FREE GAMES logo. This can turn up on any of the reels, but the wild only shows up on reels one, three, and five.

How many paylines can you bet on?

Would you be surprised if we said there were just eight? That’s the case here. It does fit with the lucky eight number in action though.

Bets to play with in Bao Ni 8

That number pops up everywhere, doesn’t it? If you decide to cover every line and you use the smallest coin, which is worth just one cent, you’ll wager eight cents per spin here too. You can increase the value until the total wager is $40 as well.

Don’t miss the paytable before you play

This tells you more about all the features in the game. It also displays all the possible icons you might find.

Is there a bonus in the game?

There is, and it revolves around Lucky Streak respins. Whenever you find a winning combination anywhere on a paid line, everything involved in that combination stays in position. All the other positions on the 5 x 3 grid spin again. This means you get a chance to improve on the original prize you won. Of course, you might also score a separate prize on another line.

The good thing about this feature is that the respins continue until a losing spin is found. This might mean receiving just one respin, but you could get more if things settle in your favor.

Does that mean you cannot play any free games?

We did say there was a scatter labeled FREE GAMES, so we already know the answer to this. You do need to find five scatters though, so it is harder to trigger than it would be in other games. Five, six, or seven scatters would bring you eight free games, but there are other possibilities as well:

• Eight or nine scatters award 10 free games • 10 scatters would bring you 25 free games • If you find 11 or more anywhere, you will receive 50 free games

So, the potential is there to score lots of these, depending on how many scatters crop up. You can also get the Lucky Streak bonus during these games whenever you get a prize. In this case, a multiplier is randomly chosen too, worth anything from 2x to an impressive 10x.

RTP information

This hasn’t been made available for this slot game, unfortunately. We’ll update this section if we find out the value.

How highly do we rate the Bao Ni 8 slot game?

This is certainly worth a score of 8/10, especially since we have those respins that could get you some bigger prizes. The free games are good too, with the potential to win up to 50 of them.

How much could you get if you receive the biggest prize?

The largest multiplier for one spin on the reels of this game would be a massive 6,800x. Wouldn’t that be cool if you managed to get everything in just the right place to trigger it?

Playing for entertainment and info

This is the best way to get started, using the demo feature to see how the various elements of the game work. At just eight cents per spin to cover the eight lines, this is a good game for many players to check out.

You can move on and play for real if you like the game

A casino offering RTG games should give you the chance to play the real version of this slot game. We suspect it has enough features to appeal to lots of people.

Did you know you can go mobile too?

You can – try it on Android and iOS devices today.