Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe Slots

Pinatas are a great addition to any party. You can pop them to find out what’s inside, usually revealing toys or candy for those attending. But when you see a slot game by the name of Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe, you have to wonder… just what is inside these pinatas?

We’re going to find out, and since we’ve already played it, we know there are some keen features to look for when you start spinning these reels.

Finding out the name of the developer

We’ll begin by confirming the game comes from Realtime Gaming. They’re also recognizable as RTG.

Demo activity is a breeze

As with most of their games, you can load this one as a practice game if you like. You can then see how each part of the game works and decide if you’d like to try your budget with it.

The title makes the theme obvious enough

Jackpots and pinatas… what more could you want to get yourself into a party mood? It also takes us to Mexico, so we’ve got some amazing and very colorful icons on the reels and an equally impressive backdrop too.

Design features in Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe

If you’re like us, you won’t be too keen to see the letters and numbers used by so many creators to mark out the cheaper icons in the game. They’re used here, but RTG has done a superb job of giving them an eye-catching design that fits with the theme.

Playing the slot game for the first time

The stunning background appears upon loading the game, as do five large reels. You won’t have any trouble spotting three symbols landing on each of those when the reels stop. We do indeed get a jackpot as well, positioned atop the reels and ticking up in value as you go along.

Now to the special icons. The wild is a multi-pointed star, a bit like a starfish, colored in bright purple and green shades. It also pays on its own, giving the maximum 20,000x your wager for five appearing on the same paid line. There are just two symbols you cannot replace with it – those are the scatter, as you’d guess, and another special symbol.

Another pinata, this time shaped like a sombrero, acts as the scatter symbol. You can also watch for a donkey pinata, as this takes on the special icon role.

You must play all the paylines

Yes, they’re fixed – and there are 20 of them. To find out their positions, just check the paytable and you’ll see them all there.

Bets to go for in Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe

Lots of games have variable bets to work with, but it doesn’t look as if this one does. We could only find the default amount of $5 on the screen. As such, it’s not a game for those with shallow pockets. It does, however, send the jackpot much higher more quickly than you’d think.

Paytable information

It’s easy to reach this from the control panel. You can expect to read about all the rules and features there, just as we’re laying out for you here. However, you can also make the most of exploring the prize values for all the available symbols. Good to know before you begin to play.

What about a bonus or two?

There is a bonus on offer, accessible whenever you find three scattered icons anywhere on the screen. You can then choose two of the landing scatters to find out what’s inside them. With prizes worth up to 200x your triggering wager inside each one, that’s better than candy, wouldn’t you say?

It's possible to find a bonus icon hiding inside one of them too, and if you do that, you’ll get another chance to go through the pick-based bonus round. And once that’s done, you can play some free spins…

Free spins too?

Yes, it turns out the picking bonus feature is a precursor to the free games feature. There are four amounts available – five, 10, 15, or 25 free spins, so you won’t know how many you’ve got until you’re ready to play. Regardless of quantity, you’ll always receive double-value prizes whenever they appear. The exception to that rule is the progressive jackpot.

RTP info for Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe

If you’re familiar with RTG games and you often look for return to player information for them, you’ll know that this is hard to find. We failed to come up with a clear value for this slot, so we won’t guess… we’ll just add it here if we find it.

Our rating for this progressive jackpot casino game

This is a great game with the picking bonus leading to the promise of free games too. The jackpot is cool, of course, and there is enough going on to give this one a 9/10 score.

The donkey leads to the jackpot…

Not something we ever thought we’d write but it’s true! Five donkey pinatas landing on one line is enough to unlock the progressive prize.

Demo action gives you more info

This is the sensible way to find out all you need to know before committing any real bets to the slot game. Try it – we think you might enjoy the demo and progress from there to some real action if you like it.

Play the real game too

Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe appears at all online RTG-powered casinos, so find one you like and grab your welcome bonus today before you play.

Mobile access

This is also on offer, giving you the chance to explore the realm of Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe on a much smaller screen, on Android and iOS devices.