Mermaid's Pearls Slots

The temptation to look for pearls beneath the waves might prove too much to resist. We were immediately caught up in the search when we first encountered the Mermaid’s Pearls slot game. It has plenty of appeal in lots of varied ways, which certainly places it at the top of our list of games to check out.

Since we have tried it already, we thought we would share our experience with you in a full review of the Mermaid’s Pearls slot game. Forgive the pun, but it is time to dive in…

Who developed Mermaid’s Pearls?

If you have enjoyed games from Real Time Gaming already, chances are you will be delighted to hear Mermaid’s Pearls comes from RTG as well. They certainly know how to deliver high-quality gameplay, especially when it comes to adding new and fascinating features to keep us entertained.

Can you try a demo for this game?

Yes – in common with most of the games that come from RTG, this one does include a demo version. All you need to do to access it is to head for an RTG-powered casino. The game will likely be in the new or featured section if there is one; otherwise, just search in the slots area to locate the title. Choose practice play or demo mode rather than opting for the real thing.

Theme details for Mermaid’s Pearls

Well, we know this slot is going to feature at least one mermaid, right? And since mermaids live in the water, there is plenty of that around too. Even though the theme is obvious from the title alone, we are still impressed by the presentation of the game.

What do we know about the game design?

We know it is impressive. You do feel as though you are in the deep with those mermaids as you go in search of some pearls. No need for oxygen tanks here, thankfully, or a towel to dry yourself off afterwards!

Basic facts about the Mermaid’s Pearls slot game

There are five reels present in the slot game. However, it takes on a square appearance because there are five symbols on each of those reels too. This 5 x 5 format is unusual, and it works very nicely here.

There are no progressive jackpots to be won in this game. That might dissuade some from playing, but there are other more appealing prizes here instead. The game reveals the best you can hope for is a nice 12,500x your bet.

How many paylines does the title have?

There are no paylines in use in Mermaid’s Pearls. You might guess, therefore, that they have chosen the All Ways Pays version of play instead. With the large 5 x 5 grid in play, this means there are 3,125 ways to try and get a prize on each spin of those reels.

Get ready to place some bets

Whenever you encounter a slot game based on All Ways Pays, you know you will only be required to choose a spin bet for each go. Fortunately, this game offers bets both small and large, so most players will be able to settle on a bet that clicks with their budget.

Where is the paytable?

You can access this from the game screen whenever you wish. Selecting the paytable icon means it will load ready for you to read it.

Does Mermaid’s Pearls have any bonuses?

How would you like to try the Shipwreck Pick Bonus? Sounds good, doesn’t it? As you play the base game, you will notice pearls can show up on the reels. Whenever they do, you will collect them. This is automatically done on your behalf, so you can keep track of how many you have.

The paytable includes a page that refers to the Pearl Payout. The idea is a successful spin would present you with 15 or more pearls to score a prize. These prizes are mentioned in the paytable, so you can refer to them prior to getting started. The Shipwreck Pick Bonus will begin once you have amassed 300 pearls.

Does it have free spins available?

It does, and the pearls are the key to getting through to this feature too. You must have collected 600 of those sparkling pearls to reach this feature. Your reward is to play 10 free games.

If you were expecting regular games played for prizes at no charge, think again. Instead, most of the icons in the game will disappear from the reels. The only things that will appear are blank spaces or pearls. This means only pearl prizes can be attained, with the minimum of 15 required to make this happen.

Random multiplier values also come into play in these games. A random value appears on every free spin, meaning anything won could be multiplied by a value ranging from 1x to 5x. Let’s hope you benefit from the highest one, right?

Game RTP for the Mermaid’s Pearls slot

This is not known at present. However, games developed by RTG generally have a good RTP of over 95%, so let’s hope this one is the same.

What is our rating for this slot game?

You will find yourself searching for pearls on every spin of this game – a feature that certainly makes the gameplay more appealing. We like the different trigger for the Shipwreck Pick Bonus and the free games. It would be unfair to rate this any lower than 8 out of 10.

Who has managed to net a big prize playing the Mermaid’s Pearls game?

We do not know of any huge winners on Mermaid’s Pearls slots just yet. However, we suspect there might be news of some eventually. With the top prize of 12,500x your bet up for grabs, someone might make a big bet and experience some good fortune.

Will you start by playing for entertainment value only?

This is the ideal way to see how all the above features really work. With lots of appeal everywhere you look in this game, it is great to check it out with all the features live and ready to use. Doing so in demo mode means there is no risk to you while seeing how the game works.

Will you decide to switch to real play with real money bets?

If you do enjoy the game, make sure you create a budget and choose a bet that suits it. The more spins you get, the longer you will be able to play. Remember that no spin is guaranteed to bring you a prize. Always know what you are wagering and be sure you are happy to miss out on prizes if that is the way things go. This is an enjoyable game and you should be happy to play it for real if you decide to do so.

A mobile version of the game is also available

If you would rather try the game on your smartphone or on a tablet, you can do so. Most casinos have mobile versions to try now, so you shouldn’t have any issues accessing the Mermaid’s Pearls slot game in whichever way suits you best.