Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

This game sounds good before you even get to try it for size. It sure is an adventure, too, with countless superb features to look forward to. There are different places to visit, different characters to meet, and lots of exciting features to watch out for.

It soon becomes clear this is not your average slot game. In fact, we could not really count it as a slot at all. That said, there are several familiar features popping up in this game. See how many you recognize as we dive headlong into this review.

Which developer came up with Cubee: The Travel Adventure?

Real Time Gaming is one of the best-known developers in the world of slots. However, they have diverted from traditional slots in recent times. Cubee is another great example of how they have done this. Are you ready to discover more?

Should you look for a demo version?

Yes, and we think playing the demo is by far the best way to begin. The practice play game gives you a chance to see how this alternative to a slot game works.

Theme details for Cubee: The Travel Adventure

We should more accurately call this a time travel adventure, since you will get the opportunity to travel through time and check out various eras in history. The Stone Age is there, along with the Age of Piracy and the Viking Age. You even get to visit Cubeeland!

Game design details

You cannot fault RTG for the design of this game. Not only is each era beautifully presented, each one is very different from the last. The clothing worn by the characters changes too. You’ll play this one with a smile on your face, for sure.

What do we know about the unusual Cubee: The Travel Adventure game?

No reels are provided in this game. However, matching symbols is still the aim here. However, Cubee must be more powerful than his opposition for this to occur. This is another reason why we recommend the demo prior to any real play. All kinds of things can come through the vortex in the game. The idea is to beat the monster next to Cubee with each level. This is how you progress.

Each bet you place will trigger eight symbols to appear from the vortex. Blue orbs are good as they boost Cubee with more energy. Weapons can show up too, and Cubee will use these to battle Rocco, his enemy.

How many paylines does the game include?

None. You must try and match monsters who appear from the time vortex. He must be stronger than they are to do this though, hence why those blue orbs come in handy. The stronger he is, the better he will do.

Wagering information

You can get started from 10 cents per ‘spin’. There are plenty more options too though, rising to $50 at most.

Does the game have a paytable?

Yes, you can access this through the usual information button on the left of the game screen. It sits near the bottom of your screen, so it is easy to see along with the other game controls.

Does Cubee include bonus features?

Not as such, but you should read the next section to explain how the freebies work in this game.

What about free spin chances?

Cubee Land is the destination you’ll head for when playing this game. You begin in the Stone Age, but when you get to the Piracy stage, you will spot cannons on the reels. They convert into free games to enjoy in Cubee Land. When Viking Age comes into view, you will see multipliers in action. These are also saved and used for the freebies once you get to the final level.

What is the RTP for Cubee?

There are very few sources that state any information for this. However, we did spot one that gave the RTP as 96.1%.

Our rating for Cubee: The Travel Adventure

This is a great game once you get the hang of how it works. Using the demo play mode is by far the best way to wrap your head about it. Once you do that, you will see the similarities and differences it has with regular slot games.

Has anyone scooped a jackpot playing Cubee: The Travel Adventure?

Not that we are aware just yet, but this game hasn’t been out for long. This ranks in the medium to high volatility range, which is worth thinking about.

Practice play with Cubee: Time Travel Adventure

This is the best way to check out the features of the game. Since it is different from anything else you might have played, we guess you should start this way to understand how it all works.

Real play – will you make the change?

You can decide the answer to this question when you have tried the game itself as a demo. We think Cubee is cute, even though it has little in common with lots of other more traditional slot games.

Exploring your mobile options

Most new slots and casino games are released for use on all platforms. This one is too, so Android, iPhone, and iPad users will be pleased to hear that, for sure.