Wu Zetian Slots

Wu Zetian is a title that tells us much and yet very little about the game we are about to play. We can guess where in the world we will be heading for this one, and yet we know little more than that. A quick glance at the promotional imagery released to highlight this slot game tells us we are in for a good time though.

Some research courtesy of Google reveals that Wu Zetian was a Chinese sovereign. She passed on in 705, so you can see we are reaching far back into history on this occasion. The image of her we are treated to as the game loads is very different from other images seen elsewhere. She looks like a modern girl, which as we now know is not the case!

Will she treat us to a superb slot bearing her name here? Let’s find out.

Who should we thank for creating the Wu Zetian slot game?

The game was released by Real Time Gaming and therefore has a good pedigree before we even find out anything else about it. RTG has released such delights as Cash Bandits and its sequel, Crystal Waters, Count Spectacular (still one of our favorites today) and Swindle All the Way. You probably have some favorites among their many releases too.

Can we check out a demo of the game?

We can. If you wish to do this, just visit an RTG-powered casino that offers the game and select the practice play option rather than going straight to the real version. It has all the elements you would expect to see in the real game, so you can see whether it appeals to you by accessing this version.

Theme details for Wu Zetian

We are heading back through time to meet Wu Zetian and experience her life and times in the Tang Dynasty. She has been described as both beautiful and yet dangerous, so she was quite the woman! We can learn more about her here, but the theme focuses on providing us with a good slot game experience too.

Game design features

You can instantly appreciate the sharpness of every element of this game. The detail is incredible too, and while a purple backdrop to the icons looks unusual, it fits in nicely. There are flags gently waving in the background, with the backdrop of the city she ruled over featured there as well.

Facts you should know about Wu Zetian slots

The game presents us with five reels to spin. Each of these has three icons present, although you may well spot some icons showing up in much larger format. When this occurs, they can completely cover one or more reels.

There is no progressive jackpot in this game, so you are restricted to trying to create winning combos from the available icons. Wu herself is worth 400 coins if you can get her to appear five times on the same active line.

The game includes a wild pearl, appearing over all the reels except for the first one. This too can appear as a giant symbol, but it can be no bigger than 3 x 4 in size. It will not replace scatters, although everything else is fine to replace. The scatter is shown as a golden gong.

How many paylines does the game have?

There are 25 lines to be covered here. These are fixed, so you simply need to select a bet you are content to use to cover all the lines.

Betting details

Betting a cent per line is possible here, giving you a 25-cent minimum wager to use. The highest you can go is to select a $62.50 bet to cover all those lines.

Does it include a paytable?

It does, and the usual ‘i’ icon is your key to reading it. Once inside the paytable, you will see there are 10 pages to read.

Does Wu Zetian include any bonus features?

The only thing like a bonus is those giant icons. While they can appear in the usual 1 x 1 format, they can also appear in various sizes up to a massive 5 x 3 size that covers the entire screen. The wild is restricted to the smaller maximum size of 3 x 4, as we mentioned before. The scatter can only ever appear in 1 x 1 format.

Are there free spins here too?

Yes. You must find three or more scattered gongs appearing on consecutive reels from the leftmost one to qualify for free games. Five games are granted if you manage to do this. The number of scatters you get determines how many reels are connected for those games. Hence why you only get five freebies. If you trigger it with five scatters, all five reels will be connected.

What is the RTP for the slot game?

You can expect an RTP value of approximately 95.5% when playing the base game. However, our sources indicate this reaches 96% if you manage to go into the free spin feature.

How highly do we rate the Wu Zetian slot?

This is a superb game that looks simply stunning. It also benefits from those linked reels, something we have seen before and yet we never tire of. We would like to see a separate bonus – perhaps on another screen – but there is enough here for us to rank the game at 9 points out of 10.

Looking out for jackpot winners

Many slots that do not feature jackpots do not grab the headlines. However, there are cases where casinos have announced big winners who manage to secure large payouts from regular features in slots. Perhaps we can look forward to hearing about such wins in future.

Playing in practice mode with no risk

The best way to see how those big icons work is to try the demo. Just be sure you select this mode rather than going for the real version. This is important if you have already deposited funds in your casino account.

Playing the slot for real

Switching to this way of playing the game is easy once you have signed up to a casino and deposited some cash in your account. Always be sure you have settled on an acceptable bet before you spin. Make sure you settle on a budget too, so you know when to stop.

Can you access the game on mobile devices?

You can – Wu Zetian slots were released for play on all devices.