I, Zombie Slots

I, Zombie Slots
Whenever a zombie gets a mention in the title of a slot game, you can kinda guess what the theme is going to be! But will this slot be a scary one or will it take the cartoon route to success?

Zombies are cropping up in several notable slots of late, with I, Zombie ranking as just one of those. Question is, will it turn out to be the best one of all? It’s time to find out, as we review the I, Zombie slot and all its features.

Which software developer created the I, Zombie slot game?

RTG has been busy of late. This slot is another one of their recent releases, shuffling into view just before Halloween 2018.

Does the game include a demo version?

Yes, you can of course load a demo if you want to see all the features before dipping into your slot game budget.

Details about the theme

We’re talking about zombies, of course, so this is a zombie-themed slot to remember. Will it be your favorite?

Does the game have a good design?

You bet. There are some bats flying around in the background as you play. we also get to see a shady-looking building that looks as if it is packed with zombies. Let’s just hope that door doesn’t fly open. Even though the game uses the 10, 9, and Q icons among others, those icons look bright and benefit from a sharp design.

Basic facts about I, Zombie slots

The controls are underneath the reels, and you can expect five such reels to appear when the game is ready to play. The I, Zombie icon features a female zombie and she is the wild for the duration of the game. She will replace everything apart from the mirror, which is used as the scatter symbol.

One neat feature is that whenever a wild or scatter appears, it may create two further I, Zombie wilds in other positions. Worth watching for, right?

How many paylines are there?

The game comes with 25 lines, which you can select or deselect if you wish. We recommend playing the lot if you can, albeit with a smaller bet amount per line.

Wagering options

Your starting bet is one cent per line, which means the entire set of lines can be covered for no more than a quarter. Surprisingly, the biggest line bet maxes out at 10 cents, so the biggest bet available for the game is just $2.50.

Where is the paytable?

You can access this from the bottom of the screen. Look for the ‘i’ symbol and tap or click on it to read the various pages included in the paytable.

Are there bonuses you could trigger here?

No, but the game does include an appealing free spin feature.

What about free spins?

Yes, you can expect to play some of these if you can get three scattered mirrors to show up in the same spin. However, you do not get a set amount to play. instead, you will see all wilds and scatters on the screen for that triggering spin added together. Once that is complete, the total is doubled to provide you with your free spin total.

For example, let’s say you have three triggering mirrors and two wilds on the spin. That would amount to five in total, which when doubled would give you 10 free games. No multiplier is provided for prizes won during this feature if you got three scatters in the winning combo. However, if you found four or five mirrors to trigger the spins, you would receive a 2x or 3x multiplier. Put simply, the more scatters and wilds you trigger the feature with, the better the outcome.

Game RTP details

No information of this nature is currently available, although it is believed it could be around 96% or more.

Our rating for I, Zombie

This gets 7 out of 10 from us. While we like the unusual trigger for the free games, you would get just six of them to play if the minimum three mirrors turned up with no wilds in the same spin. You also need more mirrors to get a multiplier to enhance your prizes in that feature.

Are there any jackpot winners yet?

We haven’t heard of any, and since the game doesn’t include a progressive prize to look for, there could be little news of this type to come from the game.

Playing for entertainment and how to make it happen

Simply select the demo mode and you’re good to go. Some casinos will allow you to play the demo without having an account with them. However, even if that isn’t the case, you can still sign up without needing to deposit anything. This should allow you to access the demo for I, Zombie when you wish.

Would you play this game with real cash bets?

Once you have checked out the demo version, you will know whether you want to play for real or not. This game won’t suit everyone, but if you like zombies and you fancy a theme that isn’t too gory, this could be worth a try.

I, Zombie mobile possibilities

This is a new release from RTG, so it is no surprise to discover you can access the game on many mobile devices. From iPhones to Android smartphones, you shouldn’t have any issues enjoying this game on the go.