Scuba Fishing Slots

Scuba Fishing is a beautiful 3-reel slot game with a mix of modern and classic features. It gives you lovely graphics to look at as you play, but the game itself is quite simple to understand. If you like an underwater theme in your slot games, this one is going to appeal to you almost immediately. When building this slot review we were charmed by the look of the game, the different features and other little extras it has to offer. Read on and learn exactly what we experienced while testing out these slot game online.

Big Wagering Options

While playing this slot you get a whole lot of options in terms of how much you want to wager. If you’re a conservative player you can bet as little as $0.20 per spin. If you want to win the largest prize payouts from Scuba Fishing you can raise your wager up to $100.00 per spin. Either way, you have some nice options available to you and can win a good amount with this slot when you place the proper wagers.

A Solid Top Payout

Scuba Fishing isn’t designed to make you rich, but the slot game does offer a respectable 7,500 coin prize payout for the top jackpot amount. That’s not an unbelievable amount, but it’s enough to be exciting and something to play for. With a larger wager in place, you could win a pretty big payout from the jackpot prize.

The Re-Spin Feature

If you are able to stack up three wilds on the center reel, you’ll unlock the special re-spin feature. When you pile up three shark wilds they will transform into one long shark wild for the rest of your re-spins. During those bonus spins, you get to enjoy a wild on the central reel of each of your paylines and better chances than ever to unlock some sizeable payouts from the slot game. Not only do you get the expanded wild, but the other reels only have blank spaces or Marlins, giving you a better chance than ever to get the high-paying prize awards while playing the slot game.

Good Solid Mobile Support

Not only does Scuba Fishing play really well on most computers, but it also works supremely well on mobile devices. The game runs smoothly and it should load up on most smartphones and tablets as well. If you’re looking to bring a good slot with you as you play in different locations, Scuba Fishing is the game to watch out for.

Scuba Fishing looks like a classic slot, but with 27 paylines and lots of different features, it certainly isn’t one. The slot is worth trying out and it’s beautiful enough to keep many players wanting to come back again and again.