Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slots

The Ritchie Valens La Bamba Slot game is one of the most effective we've seen recently for transporting yourself back in time. Head back to the golden age of rock, the 1950's and experience the music of the famed musician all over again with this top-rated online slot. The game features retro graphics, excellent music and a good mix of special features to make your time spent gambling a bit more interesting overall. Our review below goes into detail about the overall experience you can expect when you play this slot. We strongly encourage you to give it a read if you're interested in Ritchie Valens at all, or you just enjoy a good nostalgic slot gambling experience.

729 Winning Combinations

There are very few slot games out there that offer as many different ways to win as what you get from the Ritchie Valens La Bamba slot game. There are a total of 729 different ways to win, which is huge. This slot doesn't have traditional paylines, and you'll be spinning the reels hoping to get one of the different win groups that are supported by the slot. Because of the way that the slot is designed, you will get to enjoy a very simple betting design, allowing you to just choose up and down to adjust your total wager amount before you get started.

Good Music and Design

Special attention to detail was used to create a slot game that you could really fall in love with. This slot showcases all sorts of carefully drawn cartoon symbols that give it a nostalgic look and high-quality production value at the same time. La Bamba, the well-known song plays most of the time that you're spinning the reels, and all the other sounds used during gameplay help add to the experience.

A Decent Max Win

There very best win that you can get from this slot game is 6,000 times your total wager amount, which isn't half bad if you ask us. Bet big and you could be looking at a pretty significant win from the slot game, and even if you don't get the best combination of symbols on your spin you could still win a decent amount of cash. With 729 different ways to win money with every spin that you take, there is a lot of opportunity to win even more on your spins. Keep spinning those reels and you're likely to come away with some cash eventually.

Adjust the Speed

This game gives you quite a few options to set it up juts the way you want. Other than your wager amount, you can also choose how fast you want the reels to turn each time that you spin them. There are three different speed settings for you to use. Test out each of the speed options by pressing the speed button to switch from one setting to the next, and then decide on the setting that you like the best overall. By taking some time to pick the very best speed you can gain more control over the slot and how the game feels overall.

Powerful Free Spins

To unlock the free spin bonus in this slot game you need to get four or more of the scatter symbols in a row. Do that from left to right or right to left and you'll trigger 20 free spins with some added bonuses as well. In this special round you get a chance at a multiplier somewhere between 1x and 3x with each spin that you take. If you are fortunate enough to trigger this bonus using five scatters you'll enjoy additional wilds added to many of the reels. Trigger it with all six scatter symbols and you'll get extra wild symbols on every one of the reels, which will maximize your chances of triggering some big wins from this slot game.

It Works on Mobile Too

The La Bamba slot game doesn't just work on full-sized computers, it can be experienced on different mobile devices as well. If you're interested in gambling while on the go, or making the most of your smartphone, try out this slot anywhere that you have a good solid internet connection, you don't even have to download the slot to play it on your phone. Just visit the casino website and sign in in your web browser. From there you can play Ritchie Valens La Bamba anywhere that you want.

This slot is a nostalgic blast to the past and it offers good solid winning opportunities. With a chance to win up to 6,000 times your full wager amount, and a powerful free spin bonus round there isn't much to dislike about the slot game. If you like the graphics and the music of the game as well this should be a real winner for you. Either way, you have a lot to look forward to with this slot game.