Santastic Slots

Gear up for the holidays with Santastic Slots, the holiday-themed slot experience. This slot game has a pretty traditional look to it, but it's done in a really nice way. What we mean by that is the game looks like a classic cartoon video about Christmas, but al the graphics are done very nicely. There's snow falling in the background, nice sounds to go along with each spin that you complete and that doesn't even touch on all the bonuses and features offered in this slot game. We knew immediately that we wanted to test out this slot game, but that's because most of the features offered in the slot are listed alongside the reels. This seemingly classic slot packs in a whole lot of features and we made a review on all the most important ones. Have a look and you'll learn enough to know if this game is your sort of thing or not.

Just a Few Wagering Options

Even though Slotastic! Is adjustable when it comes to wagering, you're still working with limited options to select from. There are a total of 5 paylines that you can turn on and off while you play the game. Adjust the total number you're using up or down to get the most comfortable level for you to play at. You can also wager between $0.80 and $8.00 per line. That means you are free to wager a low of $0.80 and a high of $40.00 per spin when you play Santastic! That's not a massive range of selection options and $0.80 will be too expensive for some gamblers but many will be happy with those options.

Double and Triple Wilds

There are special double and triple wilds in this slot game that appear on reels 2 and 3. These wilds will take the place of all but the jackpot symbols and they will double or triple any prize payouts that they help to create by showing up. It's even possible to get both symbols at the same time for a nice 6x multiplier to the prize combinations that you create from that.

Small Prize Payouts

There are many holiday-themed prize combinations that you can trigger when playing Santastic! But most of them are small in size. The very best win that you can get besides for the jackpot payout is 600 coins and that's pretty difficult to achieve. To get this win you need to get a Santa symbol along with the two multiplier wilds.

Jackpot Spins

During regular rounds of this slot game the Jackpot symbol will grant you a single jackpot spin. During each of these special spins all symbols besides the ones for jackpots and progressive jackpots are grayed out and don't count. You can only get jackpot payouts and progressive jackpot payouts and you have an increased chance of getting these wins.

The Progressive Jackpot

In order to win the massive progressive jackpot in Santastic! you need to get three jackpot symbols on the same reel. Do that and you'll trigger that huge jackpot payout immediately. This is difficult to do, but it is possible if you are fortunate enough, and you don't even have to be in the Jackpot spin mode of the game to win, though it helps.

Festive Feast Bonus Feature

There are a bunch of special bonus offers around the edges of the reel. These offers seem like descriptions of the game at first, but they're actually prize win places that you can land on using the Festive Feast feature. Getting three of any symbol will give you a single chance at one of these prizes. Get it and the game will quickly pick one of these spots at random and give you the bonus that you unlock in the process. It's a chance to trigger some very nice bonuses, which is why this feature is one of our favorites.

Autoplay is Highly Adjustable

You can turn on Autoplay and let it do its thing without setting any of the features of the game, or you can adjust a huge range of settings determining how many spins Autoplay will go through before stopping, how fast the spin animations will occur and what sort of additional conditions will stop Autoplay in its tracks. Between all these different settings it's simple getting the game set up the way you want it and making Autoplay into a powerful tool to help you enjoy Santastic!.


When we first started playing this slot game we were disappointed with how slow the reels spin. They seem to take forever to spin and come to a complete stop. That is until we realized that there's a Turbo Mode button we could have been pressing this whole time. That button is available in the Autoplay menu, and it works for the game all the time, not just when the Autoplay feature is activated. If you're sick and tired of being stuck with the slower reel, enter into that menu and press that button. It will dramatically change how quickly you can go through spins, and should enhance your play experience overall.

Santastic! seems like a pretty basic slot at first, but it packs in so many different features that its hard for anyone to get bored while playing it. If you're searching for an online slot that packs in good solid features and offers regular payouts, this game is a lot of fun. If you're searching for a slot game with massive payouts, this isn't the one for you.