Asgard Deluxe Slots

We’ve noticed a few new games coming out recently based on the idea of a deluxe version of an earlier slot. Asgard Deluxe is among them, and since we enjoyed the original slot game of a few years ago, we wanted to see if this version was better. It’s not a sequel, rather it is a reimagining of the original game, so let’s find out if the effort was worth it…

Does it come from the same developer?

Yes, the original game came from RTG (Realtime Gaming), and they’ve revamped it for this deluxe title.

We do get to try it first in demo mode

We always approve of slots that have a demo, and RTG is typically quite reliable on this score, so we do have one here as well.

What’s the theme in action in Asgard Deluxe?

If you know your Norse mythology, you’ll already have guessed the theme, thanks to the mention of Asgard in the title. Thor crops up during play, and you’ll also meet Freya, Odin, and Loki along the way.

The design is much improved

There is still a lot to like about the original game, but this one does look far better given the modern software involved in its creation.

How to begin playing Asgard Deluxe

Right – five reels don’t come as a surprise, and they do have the usual three symbols on each. You may be surprised to spot two wilds though – a regular one and a multiplying one. Those have our approval, for sure. The scatter also appears in the game, shown as a tree inside a disc shape.

Paylines don’t appear though

Instead, we have the full set of 243 ways we might pick up prizes.

Make sure you check your wager before you play

Whenever you play a way wins game, you always see a bet multiplier in play. In this instance, we get a 30x multiplier, which means you need to bet 30 coins to spin the reels. The smallest bet is 30 cents though, so it should be fine for most to play.

No problem reaching the paytable

With the info control at the far left of the control panel, it makes the ideal place to go for starters before spinning the reels.

Look for the bonus wild reel

This is a small feature, compared to some we’ve seen, but as it randomly occurs, it’s a cool one to spot. Any spin could result in finding one or more reels that go totally wild. And yes, if you’re wondering whether that could apply to all the reels, it could.

Free spins in Asgard Deluxe slots

The scatter is the usual way to unlock them, and that’s the case in this slot too. Find three of them to go to a picking screen to decide how you’d like to play. Each god shows you a series of spins plus another feature. so, you might choose 15 games with 3x on all prizes. Another option is 20 games with bursting wilds involved. The third way to play is to receive 25 spins with the chance of finding multiplying wilds. And the final way to get your spins is to go for 30 of them with winning possibilities that may cascade and multiply.

RTP details

Asgard Deluxe follows along the path taken by many, if not all, RTG slots – there is no clear return to player percentage to go on here.

Our rating for the polished Asgard Deluxe slot

It’s a decent eight out of 10 game for sure, thanks to the random wild reels feature and the chance to play various types of free spin rounds.

What’s the biggest prize you could get?

How about 2,000x your bet? That is a promising opportunity, and we guess your best chance of racking up some prizes is in the free spin round, whichever one you choose.

Play the demo of Asgard Deluxe

To learn how to play and to see some of the features in action without risk, this is the way to proceed.

Check out the real version too from 30 cents per play

This opening bet makes the game accessible to many players. Make sure you get the most out of your time with the real version by signing up to an RTG casino today.

A modern mobile-friendly game

No need to sit at your computer screen, you can play this one on smartphone and tablet too. it’s the perfect way to take the Norse gods with you to spend a few minutes spinning the reels – for demo or for real – whenever you wish.