Basketbull Slots

Sporting themes aren’t unusual in the world of online slots. You might find games based on all manner of sports, and we’ve got another one for you here. Mind you, this one puts a twist on the theme that you may never have seen before. The title reveals that it is not a human taking on the basketball!

Basketbull is a neat twist on words and a quirky theme that mixes animals and sports. There are other reasons to play though, and we are going to lay those down for you here.

Who developed the idea?

The game was released by Realtime Gaming.

Make sure you don’t miss the demo

There are elements of the game that must be seen to be believed, so make sure you try the demo.

Is the theme as odd as it sounds?

Well, yes… the bull is spinning the basketball on its hoof, while there is a ram acting as the umpire or referee. Things do get a little odd with this one!

Check out the design

You can see rows of empty seats behind the reels, which is a shame, as they could have filled them with all manner of animals. However, the action on the reels will occupy your attention, so there is plenty to look forward to.

Getting down to the basic features in Basketbull slots

There is a 5 x 3 format here, so if you have played five-reel slots before, you’ll know what is in store with this one. The information given above the reels highlights the presence of minor and major progressive jackpot prizes.

The basketbull is used as the substitute, replacing most other icons apart from the basketball. The bull also triggers the regular fixed jackpot, which is worth 10,000 coins. Five bulls on one paid line would be required to get this.

What about paylines?

There are 25 of these.

Expect the usual betting range from RTG

Start from as little as a cent and consider other wagers too, maxing out at five dollars per coin.

The paytable reveals that this game has the Win-Win Feature

This is included with several RTG slots. It means you can always score a prize when you reach the free spin feature, because you are guaranteed something even if no prizes are garnered from the spins. A table tells you what the outcome would be depending on the value of the prizes you collect.

There isn’t a bonus, but…

The following section explains the quirky method for securing some free spins.

How many free games could be won?

How about up to 96? Yes, it’s true… the Free Throw Feature (incredibly hard to say… try it!) is unlocked whenever three scatters show up in a spin. You receive a throw of the basketball for each triggering scatter, so you’ll receive at least three. You are guaranteed three free spins, but the idea is to try and shoot the ball through the hoop. Whenever you do this, your current total of games is doubled. So, if you manage to find enough scatters and shoot all the balls through the hoop, you will earn the maximum 96 free games.

RTP value

This isn’t known, but it is rarely given for any Realtime Gaming slots.

Our rating for Basketbull slots

We cannot rank this as anything other than a 9 out of 10 slot game. This is one of the earliest games where there were lots of free games on offer. You may well not receive 96, but you could get more than you might imagine.

Any major prizes other than the progressives?

The bull triggers the big fixed prize, but the paytable tells us the biggest prize per spin if you are playing for real is 50,000x your wager per line.

Play for the heck of it!

This slot game does have a demo mode, as we saw. That means you can see how the game would play out if you did place some bets on it using your own funds.

Are you going to add this to your list of real games to play?

At just a penny per line, Basketbull is designed to appeal to all budgets. You may end up liking the demo enough to try it like this.

Mobile casinos might have it too

If you find a mobile casino offering RTG slots, see if this one is available too. It is smooth and enjoyable to try.