Naughty or Nice: Spring Break

If you thought the standard Naughty or Nice slot games were sexy and fun, you're going to love the Naughty or Nice Spring Break edition. This slot takes everything that's good about the originals and enhances them even more. When you play this game you'll enjoy the same beautiful women, but they're in a beach setting and you have new features and bonuses to look forward to. We did a complete review of this slot game. Take a look at our writeup to learn more about this slot and what you can expect from playing it.

Setting a Wager

When you do play Naughty or Nice Spring Break you need to choose a wager amount that you're comfortable with. You're locked into using all the pay lines at the same time while you play the game, but that doesn't mean you don't have options. Choose to wager a minimum of $0.30 and a maximum of $150.00 per spin to get an amount you are comfortable with. Not only do you have a pretty impressive range to work with, but you also have to decide whether you want to use the Feature Guarantee bet or not, which is an additional bet that's not included with the base bet of this slot game.

A Feature Guarantee

This slot comes with a feature guarantee that lets you guarantee that you're going to unlock bonus features during your time playing the slot. The way that this feature works, you place a small additional wager with every round that you play through. Thanks to that small wager you are guaranteed to unlock a bonus feature while playing the game. The bonus is triggered within the range of required spins and then you can enjoy the added chance to win big while you play. To turn the feature on you need to press "Play Extra Bet". When you do that you get the guaranteed feature to look forward to as you play.

Good Winning Opportunities

It's possible to win as much as 15,000 coins on a single prize combination in Naughty or Nice Spring Break. That alone makes this game interesting to look at and gives you something to look forward to when getting on this slot. Along with this pretty impressive prize there are other features to help you win as much as possible while playing this slot.

We Love the Scatter

The scatter is one of the most powerful symbols in this slot game and personally our favorite overall. You can win up to 200 times your total wager using scatter symbols if you can collect five of them in a single spin. Not only can the scatter symbols pay out very nicely, they are also the key to unlocking the free spin bonus round where you have a chance to win even more prize money. Get three or more of them and you'll unlock the special feature where you can really win big.

Playing the Naughty or Nice Girl Features

Once you get three scatter symbols you get to pick whether you want to play the Naughty Girl or the Nice Girl special feature. The choice that you make determines how the game will play and what your overall experience is with this slot game.

If you choose the Naughty Girl you'll unlock a 10 free spin bonus round with a bunch of potential special features. Any wins including the Naughty Girl wild are tripled in size. On top of that the Naughty Girl can count as scatters, the scatter symbol might start counting as an additional wild or the entire middle reel can be transformed into a wild. Needless to say you can win a lot in this special bonus round. You can also get 5 additional spins each time you get three or more scatter symbols while you play this slot game.

The Nice Girl Feature is the other option that you can choose from, and she also offers some impressively good benefits. If you decide to go with the Nice Girl you get 12 free spins instead of 10, but she only doubles any wins that she helps to create. Getting three or more scatters will reward you with an additional 5 free spins each time it happens. There are a few possible additional bonuses you can get while playing this feature. There's a chance that the Nice Girl wilds will cumulatively double your prize payouts, meaning that you can get more than a 2x multiplier if you get more than one wild. There's also a chance that the wild symbols will start to show up grouped instead of individually. Finally, there is a chance that you'll unlock an instant payout worth 500x your wager.

No matter which of these two bonus games you decide to play, you have a very good chance of winning some impressive prize payouts and the game is definitely worth trying out at least once.

Using Autoplay and Turbo Play

Each time that you get on Naughty or Nice Spring Break you can utilize autoplay and turbo play features to help customize your experience a bit more. Autoplay can be triggered by pressing the Autoplay button and then picking the different settings that you want. Once you turn on Autoplay the game will go through the number of spins that you set automatically, so you don't have to go through the spins yourself.

Within the Autoplay settings you can turn Turbo Play mode on or off. Turning it on will make spins go much quicker, and turning it off will slow the gameplay down and give you time to make important decisions as you play. Either way, you have a lot of control over the slot game and how it feels as you play.

Progressive Jackpots

There's also a small chance that you'll trigger progressive jackpots while playing Naughty or Nice Spring Break. Though the chance is very small, the ability to unlock the small or large progressive jackpot while playing this slot makes it even more enjoyable to play and gives you something else to look forward to while you get familiar with the game.

Altogether there is a lot to like about the latest version of the Naughty or Nice slot game. You have many different high-paying features, bonuses and of course some very nice graphics to watch as you play. This slot feels just as good as the other titles in the series and it's a game we recommend you test out for yourself at least once. It's a lot of fun and we will probably play it again even when we aren't testing the game.