Shark School Slots

Sharky and his friends are headed back to class in Shark School Slots, a fun-loving online video slot game from Real Time Gaming. This five-reel, 50 pay line bonus slot game gives players the chance to win large prizes, engage in exciting bonus features, and choose from a wide array of coin sizes that will fit their individual budget desires. With a light-hearted underwater theme and adorable symbols, Shark School Slots is a great online slot gaming choice for any player who likes their slots on the light side.

Coin Size Matters In Shark School Slots

Shark School Slots offers players a wide array of different coin size options they can choose from before they take their first spin. Players can choose from sizes that include $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.06, $0.07, $0.08, $0.09, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, or $1.00. When choosing a coin size, it is important to know that it’s always best to activate every line on the slot. So, if to do this, a player needs to choose a smaller coin size, that’s more recommended than using a larger coin size choice and playing fewer lines. After all, the more lines a player activates, the better their chances are of winning.

Adorable Slot Symbols Keeps Players Entertained In Shark School Slots

The graphics in Shark School Slots are extremely friendly by design. Players can see fish with backpacks, glasses, and other items one would expect they might need when headed to their first day of school. Symbols include fish (clownfish, angelfish), a school, sharks (hammerhead, tiger shark, great white shark), the octopus teacher, and traditional playing card values that range from Ace to Nine. The octopus teacher is the Wild symbol of Shark School Slots and will do as most slot Wild symbols do and replace other symbols to help foster bigger wins. The school is the Scatter symbol in Shark School Slots.

Shark School Slots Comes With Three Bonus Games

While most slots feature at least one bonus game, Shark School Slots offers players three different bonus game opportunities. The main bonus game in Shark School Slots is activated when three or more of the school symbols show up on the board. For this game, players will be asked to choose a symbol to unlock one of the features.

The first feature is called “Swim Fishy, Swim,” and the object of this game is for the player to help smaller fish escape the dangerous sharks. The player will get free games that will continue until the little fish gets captured or until it escapes after the limit of 25 free spins is met. If the player does help the small fish escape, they’ll be rewarded with a 200x multiplier.

The second feature is called “Bad Sharky,” and if this is the bonus feature the player chooses, they’ll be given between three and ten free spins. During this feature, the shark will cover an entire reel, and the player will get prizes for every fish the shark eats.

The last feature is called “Don’t Eat The Teacher,” and players who get this bonus feature will receive free spins that come with a double multiplier. The shark will make attempts to eat the octopus teacher. If the teacher escapes, the player will continue with another free spin. Each time the teacher escapes, the multiplier will increase by one. If the teacher happens to survive 25 free spin rounds without being eaten, the player will get a 100x multiplier bonus, and the feature will end.