Super Diamond Mine Slots

Today’s online slot games can be quite overwhelming with hoards of bells and whistles that a lot of traditional slot players find confusing and annoying. Those players who enjoy a simpler format without compromising the ability to win grand prizes will thoroughly enjoy Super Diamond Mine Slots from Real Time Gaming. This five-free, bonus progressive video online slot game offers players nine pay lines upon which they can spin traditional symbols that lead to grand cash pay outs. For a slightly modern twist, Real Time Gaming did add a free spins bonus, a wild symbol, and a scatter symbol to the mix, however.

How To Get Started In Super Diamond Mine Slots

Players can begin playing Super Diamond Mine Slots by choosing a coin size option, with denominations that include $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, and $5.00. With nine pay lines able to be activated, this means the maximum bet per spin is $45. The game only allows one coin per pay line to be wagered. It’s a game that can be inexpensive enough for low rollers to try but also provide some excitement for players who want to spend a bit more.

Game Symbols Keep It Simple In Super Diamond Mine Slots

As promised, there aren’t any confusing symbols that are included in Super Diamond Mine Slots. The game symbols are quite traditional and include a bar, a double bar, diamonds, dynamite, a mine entrance, and a triple bar.

Super Diamond Mine Slots Bonus Round Can Yield Up To 4950 Coins

Players will notice that at the top of the screen, there is a meter that will grow as they continue to play the game. When a player’s meter maxes out, the Super Diamond Mine Slots bonus round will begin. The key to increasing the meter is to land the diamond symbols. However, there are two types of diamond symbols. One will show an arrow that points up and will increase the meter, but the other has a down area and can decrease the meter level. It takes 99 diamond symbols (pointed up) to fill the meter and trigger the bonus game. Once the Super Diamond Mine Slots bonus feature is triggered, the player will get the opportunity to choose a mine to enter. Each mine will reveal prizes that the player has won once they choose it. The game continues with the player choosing more mines to enter until the mine they choose collapses. The maximum amount this bonus game will yield is 4950 coins.