T-Rex Slots

The dinosaurs are long since gone from the earth – except for the bones they left behind that are occasionally discovered – but they still fascinate us. Take the T-Rex, for example. This was a huge dinosaur, and one to be feared. Thankfully, we won’t see it today other than in movies and museums.

But you can expect to see it appearing in the T-Rex slot game. Question is, will it be useful or frightening?

Format of reels and win lines

There are five reels in play here, and these allow room for 25 paylines to be bet on.

Coin values

There are lots of coins here, ranging from one cent on each line to the biggest coin worth $5 a time.

Special symbols to look for in T-Rex

The T-Rex has a special role to play as the wild. Unfortunately, it will only appear on reel three. However, if he does help you win something, you’ll get double the amount you usually would.

You might also spot some dinosaur eggs as you spin the reels. Whenever you see one, you are looking at the scatter symbol.

Bonus features

Finding scattered dinosaur eggs is a great thing to do. You will need to get three or more of them to receive an invitation to break them open. There are no babies to be found – instead, you will see free games. Each egg could contain up to 10 free games. With up to five eggs triggering the feature, you could win a huge 50 free spins if your luck is in!

The wild appears on the center reel in these spins, just as it does in the base game. But here, it will eat any other dinosaurs that showed up in that spin. In doing so, all those icons become wild. Only then are the payouts granted for that spin.

Download and enjoy playing the T-Rex slot game now!

With the T-Rex to look for and some eggs to count, you will be immersed in this slot game from the moment you first see it. There are other dinosaur slots around, but we think this one is appealing enough to give lots of players some prize-winning spins to enjoy. How lucky could you be if you find those eggs, and how many free spins might you be granted? We hope you get plenty as you sit down to play T-Rex slots today.