Bunko Bonanza Slots

What do you do with dice when you get hold of some? Well, you might want to participate in a Bunko Bonanza, which sure does sound like a great name for a slot. One software developer has created just that game, and we’re going to review it for you here.

This is a superb game and while it doesn’t offer a slew of casino-related icons on the reels as you might expect, there is a lot to offer in other ways. Let’s check out the facts, shall we?

Whom should we thank for this game?

The team behind this one is RTG, also referred to by their full title, Realtime Gaming.

Can you try it before wagering on it for real?

Yes, Bunko Bonanza is available in practice mode, so just make sure you choose that option rather than going for the real thing if you want to try it.

Theme details – and it’s an unusual one

Bunko might seem like an odd word, but it relates to an old dice game that was once enjoyed by many. So, it’s a good title, but the Bunko Bonanza slot also recalls memories of that game. Don’t be too surprised to see a lot of dice involved here.

More than just dice involved in this design

You’ll see those on the reels, of course, but there are lots of cupcakes there too, for some reason. They sure do look tasty, though. The game is set in a room with a couch and some blue wallpaper, so it’s an odd setting. We thought we’d see a casino or another room where the dice games might take place. It still looks good though.

Let’s get onto the basic features in Bunko Bonanza

The game has five reels in action, and there is a random jackpot involved. This rises in value until one fortunate player hits the trigger to drop it into their casino account. We hope that’s you, but hey, there’s plenty more to look forward to here too.

There is a wild bell involved in the game, and it has a 2x multiplier that comes into play whenever a prize is won with one or more wilds in place. The die (singular for dice, in case you were wondering) is the scatter, and you’ll want to see a few of these around too.

Paylines to play on

There are 20 lines, and you can choose to deselect some for a cheaper wager if you like. Mind you, that means you could miss out on a prize that lands on a line you didn’t bet on.

Are there bets for every budget?

We think so, yes, as the coins you can use range from one cent to $5 a time. That gives you a minimum bet of 20 cents if you use all the lines, and a maximum of $10 all told.

Don’t forget that bonzer paytable

If you want to read all the rules and see all the symbols used in the game in one convenient place, this is how to do it. The link is at the bottom of the game.

Bonus features in this slot game

We’ll keep it brief… there are none to look for.

There must be some free spins though, right?

You betcha, and there is a bonzer feature associated with the triggering scatter in this game. The idea is to find three scattered dice to get up to 21 free games. You can also benefit from a multiplier worth between 2x and 6x in this feature, depending on how the triggering dice roll out. There is also a chance to retrigger the feature for a further set of games with either five or 21 games awarded.

RTP info for Bunko Bonanza

Should you expect to see the RTP on the paytable for this slot? No, because RTG never puts it there. They don’t tend to promote the return to player percentages for any of their games, to be fair.

Does Bunko Bonanza get a good rating in our review?

This is a good slot to pass the time with. It’s not the best in RTG’s collection, but for a title that has been around for a few years, it does offer a lot. We can certainly rank this one as a 7/10 game.

What are the odds for collecting that random jackpot?

The odds are long, as you can imagine, but fear not – other prizes might be smaller, but they should be easier to find, and you can read about them all in the paytable.

Play for practice only just to check it out

You may not be sure whether this is the ideal game for you. If not, don’t worry – you can try the demo first to see whether it might have some mileage.

If you like it, you can play for real whenever you wish

A good online Aussie casino should provide access to this and other RTG games if they have links to this developer.

Find Bunko Bonanza in a mobile casino too

Android and iOS devices should be fine to give you a path to this game, so check out the freedom you’ll get when playing on tablet or smartphone today.