Caesar's Empire Slots

No need to head back in time for this one, as Caesar joins us on the reels of this classic slot. It’s a few years old now, but if there was ever an example of how an older slot can still deliver the goods, Caesar’s Empire certainly ticks that box.

We’ve reviewed every element of the slot game here for you, so you can work out whether this foray into ancient Rome is worth making. Are you ready to meet the ruler?

Who created this game?

This one was released by Realtime Gaming (RTG) and it is still found in many of their casinos today.

There’s a bonzer demo to try too

No need to part with any cash until you can see if you like it. Keep those Aussie dollars in your pocket for the demo first.

We’ve already revealed the theme

And it’s a good one, taking us to ancient Rome where Caesar ruled... at least until he was killed by the rest of the Senate.

A basic yet impressive design

You wouldn’t expect too much from an older slot game, but the design still manages to look good here. The Coliseum is seen in the background, and Caesar appears along with a few other elements associated with Roman rule.

Learning the basics for the Caesar’s Empire slot game

You might have expected to see five reels here and you will, but did you expect a random jackpot? That’s present too, above the reels. You’d need to be a real player betting real funds on the game to stand a chance of being on the receiving end of that.

The wild icon is shown as a gold coin with Caesar’s image on it. This appears on each reel except for the fifth one. It also has a multiplier worth 3x for any wild prize won. There is one symbol this coin won’t replace though – the Coliseum, which is put to work here as the scatter symbol.

Payline quantity in Caesar’s Empire

You can wager coins on 20 lines in this game. They’re adjustable, so if you want to cover fewer lines, it’s possible to do so.

Place your bets!

Are you ready to play? If so, you can wager from one to 10 cents per line. It’s a good game for players who work with a small budget, because the maximum possible bet on one spin is just two dollars. That means you’ve got some cash left for a tinny to enjoy while you play, hmm?

The paytable explains the rules of the game

And rightly so, too. Check that out before you get started; you’ll find it behind the tiny HELP command at the bottom of the screen.

No bonuses in this game

Ah, that’s unfortunate, but there is something else to look out for…

Free spins are available with a good trigger

If you get the Coliseum on reel five and a gold coin on any other reel (one or more coins required), you’ll receive 10 free games. Those games are slightly different to the regular ones, because the wild coin can appear on reel five during these, too.

During play, all prizes are doubled in value. Another curious feature – and a good one, too – is that whenever the Coliseum appears, it is transformed into either the wild coin or into the famous figure of Cleopatra. Since she is the key to the biggest prize of all, she would be a welcome sight.

RTP information

Based on our research, it looks as though the game offers a return to player value of approximately 95%.

Our rating for Caesar’s Empire slots

We liked this game a lot. It’s not earth-shattering, but it does have lots to appreciate. It is certainly worth an 8 out of 10 score.

Everyone will want to score the progressive prize

This has been won many times since the game’s launch. The values always differ of course, and the trigger for the prize is unknown. It could well be worth several thousand dollars by the time someone else triggers it.

Play the demo game first

If you like ancient Roman history and you’re looking for a good solid slot on that topic, you can do no better than this. Check out the demo of this bonzer game to see what you think.

Play with real wagers at RTG casinos online today

There are some great online casinos you’d want to say ‘G’day!’ to, and many of these have the Caesar’s Empire slot ready to play for real.

Check out the mobile options too

If there’s a mobile casino available, you can bet on finding this game among the options there too.