Enchanted Garden Slots

Enchanted Garden is an older slot game, but it’s still worth looking at and talking about. The slot has a free spin bonus round, a multiplier wild and some other nice features that it offers to players. Sure it doesn’t look the nicest and it won’t pay out as much as some other slot games, but we still wanted to do a complete review of the slot. After testing it out, we were surprised to say that we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Find out what stood out to us about this slot by reading our review below. You can learn a lot about a slot by reading someone else’s experience, or you can just test it out for yourself.

The 2x Wild Princess Fairy

The fairy princess symbol is one of the most standout symbols in this slot naturally. From the moment that you see her you know she’s important, but might not be sure why. She’s the powerful wild in Enchanted Garden and will swap in for all but the scatter symbols. This fairy princess isn’t just a wild appearing on more than half the reels, she’s also a powerful multiplier. Use her to complete a prize payout and you instantly double the value of that prize just like that. Some of the most exciting payouts can be won with her help and you’ll want to be on the lookout for the fairy the entire time that you play the slot.

Setting a Comfortable Wager

Having a good time with Enchanted Garden is all about choosing a wager amount that you’re comfortable with. For some gamblers that’s going to be $20 per spin. For others it’s going to be $1.00 per spin. The wagering limits of this game are quite flexible though, giving you plenty of options to work with. You can easily bet as little as $0.20 per spin by placing a $0.01 on each of the 20 paylines of this slot game. You can also wager as much as $100.00 per spin with a $5.00 wager on each of the lines. Either way, you can choose an amount that you want to play with when on this slot game, and that makes a big difference to the overall gambling experience.

Valuable Scatters

Scatters are very valuable in this slot game and worth up to 200x your total wager amount if you can get five of them. The garden is the scatter in this slot and you can win a prize payout whenever you get two or more of them anywhere on the reels. Getting more will just up your prize payout. The garden is also a key to unlocking the special free spin bonus round.

Win Big with the Random Jackpot

Whether you’re a high-roller or a low-stakes gambler, you can win good money from the random jackpot feature. This progressive jackpot takes a bit of money from every wager that players put into the slot and uses it as a powerful group prize bonus. This jackpot quickly climbs in value and is worth thousands of dollars. You can win it at any wager amount and you win the prize at random. Simply spinning the reels is all it takes to win and there is no symbol combination you need to unlock the prize payout. Just keep spinning the reels and eventually you can win a really nice prize.

A Basic Autoplay

Enchanted Garden has a pretty simple Autplay feature that allows you to pick from as few as 5 and as many as 100 automatic spins. Simply press the Autoplay button, choose the number of spins that you want and let the game do it’s thing. This is convenient if you want to play without pressing spin over and over again, and there are additional options you can configure if you want a more controlled autoplay experience. For instance, you can turn Turbo Play on or off to control the speed of your spins. You can also set the feature to shut off after a certain jackpot win, or you win or lose a certain amount of money. You can even set the feature to turn off after you unlock the free play bonus round.

There’s a Free Spin Bonus Round

If you can manage to get a fairy princess symbol on the first reel and a garden symbol on the last reel, you have all that you need to unlock a powerful bonus round. You’ll get 7 free spins in this round and all prizes will be tripled. Not only that, but if you can get three of the firefly symbols on the reels at the same time during one of those free rounds, you’ll get three additional free spins. The game can keep going for a long time if you are fortunate enough. After our time with Enchanted Garden we got used to the older style graphics and didn’t mind them one bit. We managed to unlock the free spin bonus round once and won some pretty solid payouts. We were really surprised by how enjoyable the bonus round made the game, and also by how frequently decent prize payouts occur while playing the game. We recommend the slot because it’s a lot of fun and there are enough features to keep giving you something to look forward to as you play through one round after the next of this game.