Eternal Love Slots

Eternal Love Slots

Vampire themed books and movies are back in the limelight, and Real Time Gaming has wasted no time drawing that attention onto their very popular online bonus slot game, Eternal Love Slots. This five-reel, 243 pay line online slot game features romance and horror, spurred on by suave and sexy vampire characters that fill the reels. Never growing old, the vampires in Eternal Love Slots have plenty of cash stashed to give to their most devoted players.

Moderate To High Rollers Gather For Eternal Love Slots

Low rollers might not find this online slot game that appealing due to the higher coin size options offered in Eternal Love Slots. Players can choose from coin size options that include $0.30, $0.60, $0.90, $1.20, $1.50, $1.80, $15.00, $150.00, $2.10, $2.40, $2.70, $3.00, $30.00, $7.50, or $75.00. This makes Eternal Love Slots more appropriate for a moderate or high rolling player. The max bet is $150.

Advanced Auto Play Options In Eternal Love Slots

For those players who prefer to set their online slot on "Auto Play" and let the game do all of the work, Eternal Love Slots offers advanced options. Players can pre-set the amount of spins they want automatically taken on their behalf, with set limit options including five spins, ten spins, 25 spins, 50 spins, or 100 spins. Other options include allowing the player to pre-set whether they want the Auto Play feature turned off immediately when a win is awarded, when a jackpot hits, or when they reached a specific balance.

Sultry Symbols Offer Big Payouts In Eternal Love Slots

The backdrop and symbols of Eternal Love Slots are sultry and dark. They elude mystery and are well constructed graphically. Game symbols include the Eternal Love logo, a ruby ring, a coin, a sapphire jewel, vampires, a girl, and a tombstone. In addition, there are traditional slot symbols of icons and numbers, representing playing cards (Ace to Nine). The girl and the two vampire symbols are the highest paying symbols of the game. The Eternal Love logo acts as the game's Wild symbol and appears on the second and fourth reels. It works to replace any other symbols (except the Scatter symbol), to help players earn more pay outs. Any winning combo that includes a Wild symbol also comes with a multiplier that will multiply winnings up to three times.

Scatter Symbols Bring Life To Eternal Love Slots Bonus Features

The game's Scatter symbol is the coin and it is the key to triggering the bonus features in Eternal Love Slots. When a player spins three or more coin symbols, they will be given ten free spins. At the end of the bonus spins, the game's Life Force Meter bonus feature will show up. This meter will award the player a multiplier that's worth between three and ten times their betting amount. All wins that were collected in the free spins round will then be multiplied by that amount. If the player did not accumulate any wins during their free spins rounds, the game offers an Extended Life bonus feature. This automatically gives an extension on the Life Force meter, allowing the player to continue playing until a win is received.