Magic Mushroom Slots

Do you love cute little fairies, fantasies and enchanted forests? If you do, then it’s time to take a trip to Magic Mushrooms slots and escape to another world, where you can live your fantasy world in this amazing 3 reels 27 paylines video slots game. This slots game came to life in 2019 and was created by the Real Time Gaming company which has a history of world-class slots. But where did magic mushrooms come from and do they have special powers? Well, Some historians believe that magic mushrooms may have been used as far back as 9000 B.C. found in North African indigenous cultures. In fact, they found rock paintings hidden away in caves that showed magic mushrooms along with other statues. All of these historical artifacts represent traces and other representatives of what appear to be mushrooms that have been found in Mayan and Aztec ruins in Central America. Now they have come back to life and you won’t be hallucinating when you see how beautiful this slot machine is with spectacular designs that will take you away to an amazing world of darling fairies...and of course magic mushrooms. When you fly on over to this game you will see that it’s designed within a setting inside an enchanted forest that looks almost like the movie Avatar. And what makes it really cool is all the animations, fireflies and exotic plants with fluorescent lights everywhere. It’s a 3 reel video slots game that comes with lots of special effects so you will never get bored with what’s coming out of the forest to bring you lots of winning combinations. Prepare for a magic mystery tour of a place with the magic mushrooms that can really make your life magical with all the money you can win. This game can be enjoyed by all levels of slot’s players and if you are looking for something new and different, you just might be in for a real visual treat. At the top of the game you will see the Magic Mushroom logo with the icons sort of hovering in mid air which looks really cool.

How to play Magic Mushroom Slots

Playing this game is lots of fun and easy to get started. If you like cute little fantasy characters then you will have fun playing this game for hours. First of all you will need to sign up for an account at an RTG online casino. There are lots to choose from. Once you found one, sign up for your account, make a deposit and collect your welcome bonus. If you are already signed up at an RTG casino, go ahead and open up the casino lobby and look for new slots or three reel slots. It will stand out amongst the other slots, as it’s very bright with fluorescent colours. Just click on it and it will launch. Then you will see your account balance on the machine. There are lots of coin sizes to choose from starting at 5 cents, so you can plan your strategy. The maximum bet in this game is $100. To play the game you will see all the controls on the game with the spin button right in the middle at the bottom of the game. Just select the coin size you want to play and hit that button. If you get a winning combination the game will light up and you will get lots of special effects, expanding wilds, music and sounds. The symbols on the reels depict everything you would expect from an enchanted magic mushroom slots game like: Candles, Little Fairies, Lute, A Magic Book, Magic Mushroom and a Spool. The Magic Mushroom is the wild symbol and it expands with some really cool special effects. It will also substitute for other symbols. You can also play this game for free and no deposit is required if you want to take it for a test drive. Either way, you will really enjoy all the animations and especially the features. If you just want to kick back and watch this game come to life, then you can take advantage of the autoplay button and it will just keep spinning those reels. And US players are welcome to take a trip through this game with no restrictions.

Magic Mushroom Slots on Mobile

If you want to spread some magic when you are traveling around the world, then take this game with you and play on your mobile device anywhere. All you need is a good wifi connection and you can be up and playing in minutes. You can play on all the major platforms like iOS for iPhones, iPads or Samsung mobile devices, tablets, Androids, Microsoft or Huawei devices. When you are on your mobile device all you need to do is go to your favorite online casino that has RTG slots and head to the casino lobby and you will see it there. Then make a deposit, collect your bonus and load the slots game on your device. It’s fast and the game looks and plays great with all the special effects, animations, sounds, music and graphics will pop right off your screen. Now you can play anywhere you want and enjoy one of the most advanced 3 reel slots games on the market. It really is magical when you see all the animations springing to life on your mobile device. RTG slots are known for great mobile playability and you’re guaranteed to enjoy everything this game has to offer you when you walk down the street, waiting for a train or just hanging out with your friends. They will be amazed at the online casino game in your hands with great chances to win something right there.

Magic Mushroom Slots Jackpots

This game may be about Magic Mushrooms, but the great jackpots are not just a hallucination, they are real and they are big! To win any of the jackpots you will need the help of the wild and scatter symbols. The Magic Mushroom wild symbol is the one which triggers the re-spin feature, but you have to get 3 or more Magic Mushrooms to line up on the middle reel. And if it does, then the animations kick in and it stretches and grows fast and tall to extend itself for the entire reel. The maximum award in Magic Mushrooms slots is 540 times the total bet, so you can win up to $54,000 in this visually pleasing virtual slots machine. There are lots of chances to get free spins in this game and during the bonus rounds, the free spins can be re-triggered adding up to lots of free spins to hit those winning combinations. The main goal in this game is to go for the $54,000 jackpot and take advantage of the re-spins feature which can really add up your account balance fast if you’re hitting those Magic Mushrooms on the reels. Overall, this game is really one of the best visual presentations for a 3 reel slots game. You could say it combines the basics of the traditional three reel slots game with today’s 5 reel video slots quality graphics and animations. It’s perfect for all levels of slots players or even for those 3 reels slots enthusiasts who are looking for something more contemporary. Play Now!