Crazy Dragon Slots

When you primarily think of Real Time Gaming, you are most likely embroiled in a captivating five reel slot game. But at times they take a step back to honor the tradition of three reel games. And that exactly is what Crazy Dragon Slots is. All you need is one pay line, which packs a serious punch when it comes to the wins. There are also exciting and lucrative re spins here as well.

Diving Into The Game

The game play to Crazy Dragon Slots is quite simple, but effective nonetheless. This is a three coin game, so depending on how much you wager, will determine how much you will win. When it comes to the game icons, you can expect the yin yang wild. When this symbol lands, it will double winning combinations. The other icons include the fish, the pagoda, and other Oriental themed icons. The wild is the highest paying symbol in the game. Again, the amount of coins you wager, will determine how much you will win. A single coin bet with a trilogy of the wild symbol will pay you 1,000 coins. A two coin bet with a set of three, will shell out 2,000 credits. And the maximum three coin bet will reward you with 3,000 credits.

The pagoda will payout between 100 to 300 credits, depending on how many coins you wager with. Not to be overlooked is the powerful dragon. The dragon is the key to launching the re spins round. Again, the coins you are betting with, will determine how many re spins you will get, for landing the mighty dragon. If you wager the max, then you will receive 20 re spins. Two coins will reward you with 5, while a single coin wager will give you two credits.

There is no auto play, so all of your bets will have to be placed manually by the user. There is a single credit and even a max credit button to help you make the bet you want to make. There is no progressive jackpot nor any additional bonus when it comes to Crazy Dragon Slots. This game is available at many online casinos for instant game play or for download. You can play at your personal computer, or on your mobile device, right in the palm of your hand, anytime you wish to play.