Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

If you love cute little cats, then this slots game is purrrfect for you! Curl up with your favorite feline and let's see if the magic of cats will bring you lots of luck when you play. This classic 3 reels, one payline video slots game has a cats theme and will surely please any lover of the feline species. It’s actually a fact that cats have been domesticated for thousands of years and they can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt about 4,000 years ago. There are even famous cats now...like Garfield and the Grumpy cat that took social media by storm a few years ago. When you see this 3 reels slots machine, you will see that it’s built just like a real slots machine you would find anywhere at a land based casino. At the top of the slots machine you can see the Operation M.Y.O.W and the Bat Cat illustration to the right. Then right next to that you will see the paytable with the listing of what you need to get for winning combinations starting with one coin, a second coin and the third coin. As you could guess, the symbols you want to get are icons of cats. This game was created by the Real Time Gaming company who is known to create some of the best slots in the industry. So, if you are a fan of cats and slots, this could be the right combination for you to win big and have lots of fun doing it.

How to play Operation M.Y.O.W slots

Playing this game is really simple and perfect for all levels of slots players. Once you sign up for an account at the online casino, all you need to do is go to the casino lobby and look for the classic 3 reels. In the list you will see the name of this slot machine and all you need to do is click on that. The game will come up immediately and you can start to play it. Then you just have to decide what size of coins you want to play and what your strategy will be. The coin sizes start at 5 cents and go all the way up to $5 dollars and you can select to play one coin, two or three coins. The maximum bet in this game is $15 and you can win lots of credits if you get a winning combination. So all you need to do is plan your strategy and start selecting the coin size you want. As you start to get more winning combinations, then you can begin to increase your coin size and reap the rewards. To play the game all the controls are at the base of the game, just like a regular slots machine. The player balance is on the bottom left so you can see just how much you have in the game. Then there is the red cash out button if you feel like it’s time to cash out all your winnings. Next to that button is the bet one button, then the spin reels button and the play three credits button. Once you start getting lots of winning combinations you might want to try that button. US players can play this game too; so no worries there. If you love the classic three reels and how they play, then this game is for you. Remember, there are five different pay tables, and are represented by each of the cat characters on the reels, starting with the Bat Cat, the King Fu Kitty, the Catzilla; and then there is the The King and Lucky Cat. Each of them will show up once you hit those winning combinations. It’s all listed on the pay table to...at the top of the game.

Operation MYOW slots on mobile devices

On the go and want to take this great game with you? No problem, this game can be played on any mobile device. RTG software casino games all look and play great on all mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Samsung devices, Huawei devices, Microsoft and even Blackberries. As you will see all you need is a good wifi connection and soon you will have a cool three reels slots machine in your hands. You will still get all the same great graphics, sounds, music and special effects as you do in the download version on the desktop. And the game is instant play to, so you can play in your browser as well. You can play this game on such browsers and Firefox, Chrome, Explorer and the new browser Brave too. So if you are on the go and waiting for a plane, train or automobile, then go ahead and load up the game on your mobile device. It takes seconds to do and soon you will be hitting those winning combinations with the cats.

Operation MYOW slots jackpots

Since this game is simple to play, and there are no wild or scatter symbols, all you need to do is focus on getting three of a kind on the reels. If you play the maximum amount of $15 you will get the biggest rewards when you get three of a kind on the active payline. As you will see to the right on the game, that there is a “Winner Paid” window that displays how much you have won when you get that winning combination. The pay table will also tell you what the combinations of cats you have to get to win the jackpots. All you need to do is click on the paytable you want to know more information about. The top jackpot in this game is $5,000. As you will see, you can choose to play with $5, $25 or $100 where you will get some big rewards if you hit those winning combinations. The cats in this game really like to deliver those winning combinations, so all you need to do is keep those reels spinning and let the cats bring you all the luck they can. Overall, this slot machine is great for all levels of players with its simple design and game play. If you love cats and slot machines, then you will never get bored of this game. Play Now!